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by Bryan Z. on October 11, 2013 · 0 comments

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Last week’s picks could have gone better. I went 2-2, putting me at 15-9 on the season. I’m looking for a breakout week on the heels of an average week even though I only lost those two games by a total of six points combined.  But there are zero points for trying and no half credit for almost picking games correctly. If that were the case I’d be in Vegas living the good life.

Stanford is proving difficult to get rid of. I have picked against The Tree twice in three weeks, and both times they stuck it to me. It’s my own fault really. I fell into the same trap I rail against the national pundits for falling into. It’s easy to look past Stanford because they aren’t flashy.  They don’t have 7,235 seizure-inducing uniform combinations. It’s a good thing Jerry Kill doesn’t coach in the Pac 12…too soon?  Stanford doesn’t put 70 points up against Masturbate State and then lay an egg against real teams like some other nameless west coast teams. (Oregon sucks.) No Sir! Stanford is for real.

Then, of course, there is the other game I got wrong; Notre Dame vs. Arizona State. As much as it pains me to say this: Notre Dame’s offense wasn’t a complete mess last week. In fact, it looks like they’re finally hitting their stride. Thankfully they hit it after the national title and BCS bowls are out of the picture, so we won’t be subject to another garbage Irish team in a bowl game they don’t deserve. The Gator Bowl will happily take them, although I don’t know why. Arizona State might be the most difficult team in the country to figure out. Thankfully I don’t need to worry about picking the Sun Devils or the Damn Catholics this week.

Here’s to a heaven and hell free week of picks…

No. 25 Missouri at No. 7 Georgiamizzou georgia

You can watch this game or the replay of the Florida State/Maryland game. Different teams, but not really. Missouri (Maryland) has done nothing worthy of their top 25 ranking all season. In fact, Missouri (Maryland) is the reason why I don’t do a top 25 poll each week. It’s a revolving door of teams that have no real business being ranked once you get outside the top 10. Georgia will get some credit for beating a ranked team for what it’s worth since Missouri held its ranking less time than it takes to boil water.

Georgia 44 Missouri 13

No. 12 Oklahoma vs. Texassooners texas

You might as well tune in and watch Mack Brown’s career at Texas come to an end if you have nothing better to do on Saturday. I am not saying Texas will go USC and fire the guy on the tarmac early Sunday morning. I am saying that Oklahoma is going to give the Mack Daddy one last big shit sandwich to eat before the University of Texas puts Mack out to pasture. The writing is clearly on the wall when you need a bullshit call and douche bag players (looking at you Mike Davis) to beat Iowa State. Oklahoma is just going dot the i’s and cross the t’s for ole Mack Daddy.

Oklahoma 37 Texas 17

No. 17 Florida at No. 10 LSUgators lsu

This game could not come at a worse time for me. I was ready to forgo the rest of the season just three weeks ago and hand LSU the crystal ball. I thought they were going to run the table and win their second national title under Les Miles. Instead they lost a heartbreaker to Georgia with their defense getting beaten like a rented mull. My confidence is shaken in the Cajun nation…enter Florida. Yes Florida has issues of their own, and yes they lost their starting quarterback for the season, but the Gators have a nasty defense. Their defense is good enough to not only keep them in some games, but also win some. Not this one, but I still believe in the Tigers especially when they play at home.

LSU 23 Florida 9

No. 2 Oregon at No. 16 Washingtonducks huskies

I think I’ve learned my lesson: I cannot will teams to victory no matter how much I want to. I am not picking Washington because I think they lack the overall fire power to hang with the Ducks, but picking the winner of this game is not the interesting part. The part we all need to watch closely is how Oregon handles a real team with a real defense. They have some playmakers on defense, but they aren’t world beaters on that side of the ball. Oregon will score, but nothing like first six weeks of the season. They’ll beat Washington, but it won’t be nearly as impressive as beating Stanford. Basically, winning this game is still a loss for Oregon. They’ll beat a decent team, but they won’t look their best doing it.

Oregon 29 Washington 17 

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