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by Bryan Z. on September 27, 2013 · 0 comments

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They say, “Pride comes before a fall.” I was certainly proud I went 4-0 with my weekly college football picks two weeks ago. Perhaps I was a little too proud. I fell flat on my face last week, going 1-3. I am still a respectable 10-6 on the year but my ego has taken quite a hit. I did learn a few valuable lessons…while I firmly believe the Hoosiers are headed in the right direction, they are clearly not ready for the spot light. It’s my own fault. I keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I am done with Indiana this year. I hereby swear to you I will no longer subject you all to Hoosier football. At least not until they play their meaningless bowl game.

I have a tendency to pick with my heart instead of my head (which is why I never pick Ohio State games) or I pick with hate instead of my head. Such is the case with Notre Dame. While I called the type of game Notre Dame/Michigan State would be to perfection, my pure detestation for the Irish clouded the fact that Michigan State is an appalling offensive football team. I thought (hoped) that the Spartans could muster at least 17 points to win that game. I even thought (hoped) that if their offense couldn’t do it, their defense or special teams would kick in at least seven points. I was sadly mistaken on both accounts. Now I am stuck in a familiar position with the Irish again this week.

The biggest failure from last week’s picks was Arizona State. I clearly read way too much into Stanford’s ugly win against Army, and I gave the Sun Devils way too much credit for beating Wisconsin. The good news is that Stanford once again looks like the real deal. Their game against Oregon in a few weeks is must-see-TV and the winner will, unquestionably, have the inside track to the national title game. They’ll have an SEC team waiting for them, so they may want to stay in the slow lane on their way to Beatdownville.

As for me…I am ready to shake off the beat down college football gave me last week. I am older, wiser and more confident than I was a week ago. I know Indiana will never win a game they are picked to, and I relearned the fact that beating Wisconsin is extremely unimpressive because the Badgers are extremely overrated every year. I must swallow my pride and put hate aside when it comes to picking Notre Dame games…maybe!

Be the ball…be the ball…be the ball

No. 6 LSU at No. 9 Georgialsu georgia

Here is your game of the week. Hide the women and children, this is grown men football. As you all know I have been riding high on LSU since the season started a few weeks ago. Zack Mettenberger has done a complete transformation as a quarterback but he will face his toughest test to date this Saturday against the Bulldogs. Georgia is tough. They run the ball well, and they play nasty defense. This game boils down to two key components:

  1. Can Mettenberger continue to shine and play great football?
  2. Will Aaron Murray finally get over the big game hump?

The answers are Yes and No. Mettenberger will have a great game and continue to solidify himself as a big time quarterback, and Aaron Murray will do what Aaron Murray does and fold under the pressure of the spotlight.

LSU 31 Georgia 24

No. 14 Oklahoma at No. 22 Notre DameOU notre dame

Here we go again. I hate picking Notre Dame games because you never know which Irish team will show up. Let’s not mince words here; Notre Dame is a very average football team. They can’t run the ball to save their life, and the last time I checked, throwing the ball deep and hoping for the referees to call pass interference is not a respected offensive strategy. The Irish do have a good, not great, front seven on defense, but that will only take them so far. They will beat teams like Michigan State, but you need to score points against the Sooners, and the Irish just do not have the fire power this year.

Oklahoma 27 Notre Dame 16

No. 21 Ole Miss at No. 1 Alabamaole miss alabama

There is a serious temptation on my part to take Ole Miss in this game. Then I think back to last week and remember that picking upsets is an art form. It absolutely has to be the right time, the right place and the right game. It also needs to not scream “upset” as this game does. Basically, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Alabama will lose this year, but not to Ole Miss. Ole Miss is much improved, and they put together one hell of a recruiting class last year, but they’re still a few years away from beating the likes of Alabama.

Alabama 38 Ole Miss 17

Arizona at No. 16 Washingtonarizona washington

The PAC 12 just keeps getting better and better. Enter Washington and Arizona. Both teams are 3-0, both teams average over 40 points a game and both teams give up less than 10 points per game. These teams are literally mirrors of each other. Just like the big matchup in the SEC, this game will come down to two factors:

  1. Who has done the better job of recruiting
  2. In-game coaching decisions

What’s done is done as far as recruiting goes. It’s not like either school can hit the road this week and pick up a wide receiver to directly insert into their offense for this game. Over the past four years Washington has significantly out-recruited Arizona, placing an average of 27 spots higher in the recruiting rankings; advantage Washington. As for in game coaching decisions; let’s us not forget the true dark days of Michigan football. I’ve seen Rich Rod coach first hand against a below average Big Ten conference, and he got destroyed. I think he’ll have more success in Arizona, but not this Saturday. Washington wins in a very fun shoot out to watch shoot out.

Washington 45 Arizona 39

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