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Last week’s pursuit of perfection was, well, perfect. In only the third week of the college football season I went 4-0 with my weekly picks and brought my season record to an astounding 9-3. If you watch college football without reading my weekly picks you are really doing yourself a disservice. In fact, why would you even bother to watch the games at all? Simply read my picks, spend the weekend getting caught up on yard work and check the scores Monday morning to confirm my brilliance. I have literally given you the gift of time. You’re welcome!

In all seriousness; while I did go 4-0 last week those games hardly went the way I had expected. I never thought the Bama/A&M game would be up and down the field with both teams playing like rubbish on defense. I knew the Aggie defense was a liability and would cost them the game, but I never imagined Bama’s defense would turn into a Big Ten school. Nick Saban has serious issues to address. Luckily for him he’s Nick Saban.

I also never thought that Nebraska would jump all over UCLA and flat out humiliate the Burins on national TV. Too bad someone didn’t tell Nebraska that they had to play a full 60 minutes. By the end of that game I was exhausted from watching UCLA turn the tables and rack up over 500 yards of total offense and 38 unanswered points. With other recent events (or should I say audio tapes) surrounding the Huskers program, you can go ahead and add Bo “fuck, fucking, fucking him, fuck the fans, fan everyone” Pelini to the coaches hot seat. It also doesn’t matter one bit how many “fuckers” from the university front office say nice things about Bo. If he doesn’t win the rest of his games this year he is out.

So, what do I do with the early season success I’ve enjoyed with my picks? Do I play it safe and pick sure things like Michigan against Akron? Wait…never mind. Do I roll the dice and pick a few upsets this week? As I said at the beginning of the season; I pick what I feel are the best four games of the week. This week will be no acceptation. This week, like every other week of college football, has great games to choose from. The time for patting myself on the back is over. I’m looking for the rare and elusive back to back perfect weeks.

Here we go…

Michigan State at No. 22 Notre Damemsu notre dame

Whoever gets to three points first will win this game. To say that defense will dominate this game would be one way to put it. Another way would be to say Michigan State’s offense is awful and Notre Dame can’t run the ball to save their life. You do not need a dominant defense to stop either one of these teams. You just need 11 guys to stand around with their arms in the air. The rest will take care of itself. So who do I like in this game? I’ll take Sparty because Notre Dame almost lost to garbage Purdue team last week.

Michigan State 13 Notre 7

No. 23 Arizona State at No. 5 Stanfordasu stanford

I’m pretty sure I just watched this game? Arizona State played a one dimensional team that scores a lot of points against bottom feeders but struggles to win against real competition. Oh wait, they played Wisconsin last week. Pardon my mistake. Actually, it’s a pretty easy one to make. Stanford and Wisconsin are basically the same team. Arizona State didn’t set the world on fire against Wisky, and they needed a manager ‘reach around’ from the refs to win that game, but they proved they can play with a physical team. Stanford on the other hand struggled with Army. I could be reading way too much into that one game, but I don’t think so. Army just gave the entire PAC 12 the blue print for beating Stanford. There are few teams in the PAC 12 that have the personnel to execute against that blue print, but the Sun Devils are one of them. I am taking the road team to pull the biggest upset of the season thus far.

Arizona State 37 Stanford 33

Auburn at No. 6 LSUauburn lsu

I never thought I would see the day when a 3-0 Auburn team wasn’t ranked in the top 25. And it’s not like they haven’t played anyone. So far Auburn has wins against Washington State and Mississippi State. Both of whom are 2-1. Auburn is good, possibly 9-3 good, but they are not good enough to beat LSU. No one was a bigger critic of LSU quarterback Zack Mettenberger than I was at the beginning of the year. I need to take my medicine and apologize to the Zack Attack. So far this year he has passed for almost 1,000 yards, nine touchdowns and zero interceptions. He has only been sacked twice and his QBR is 91.6. Forget about losing to unranked Auburn. In fact, forget about losing at all. Spoiler alert; if I had to pick the game at this very second, I would take LSU to beat Alabama on November 9th. I am pretty damn close to changing my national title prediction from the Tide to the Tigers. The Tigers of LSU, that is.

LSU 38 Auburn 16

Missouri at IndianaMizzu Indiana

Here we go again. I cannot remember a single moment in the 34 years I have been on this planet when Indiana football has been so god damn interesting. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am trying to sell ice to Eskimos. But I don’t think so. I think Indiana has something going in Bloomington. Their defense is a huge problem but their offense can score them out of almost any situation; minus the Navy game of course. Missouri is 2-0 but their wins didn’t exactly come against murders row. Beating Murray State and Toledo does not deserve a lot of attention. Beating Indiana typically deserves less. Losing to Indiana on the other hand, especially when you’re an SEC team, might raise a few eye brows. I am a glutton for punishment. I am taking the Hoosiers again. But again, without a great deal of confidence.

Indiana 41 Missouri 38


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