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by Bryan Z. on September 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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I took a tiny step back last week.  After starting the season strong with my week one picks I followed it up with an average 2-2 performance in week two. I really should have known better. Florida fell out of everyone’s top 10 after an ugly week one win against Toledo. Still, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Since they hired Will Muschamp a few years ago they have not skipped a recruiting beat since the glory days of Urban Meyer. I still maintain that the Gator’s have more talent on their scout team than the Hurricanes do on their first team. But as we all know, all the talent in the world means diddly-poo when you turn the ball over five times. 2013 has not been kind to the Gators thus far. They started the year by getting smoked by Louisville in a BCS bowl and they followed that up with two awful games against teams they should have run right off the field. That, my friend, is coaching. Muschamp better get his boys in line or we’re going to start hearing his name mentioned alongside Kiffin and Brown’s.

The other game I got wrong last week was Indiana/Navy. I’ll be honest; I am not going to lose any sleep over this one. I picked this game because it was one of the better games of the week and it was a lot of fun to watch. I will also stand behind all the positive things I said about the Hoosiers and I’ll even take it a step further. Indiana will make a bowl game this year. It will be some meaningless, joke of a bowl game but hey, it’s not like the Hoosiers are Alabama. When bowl games are few and far between you’ll take whatever comes your way.

Now to the business of this week’s picks. Standing 5-3 on the year has left a bad taste in my mouth. Last week was supposed to be the easy week. This week’s games are decidedly tougher. I need to regroup and leave the Hoosiers and Gators in the past. Let’s focus on week three and the pursuit of perfection.

No. 16 UCLA at No. 23 Nebraskaucla nebraska

It’s hard to pick Nebraska after watching them struggle in their opener with Wyoming. They did bounce back nicely against Southern Miss, but the Eagles just might be the worst team in all of college football. There is also another great reason not to pick Nebraska; Taylor Martinez. This kid has been at Nebraska so long he should have his PHD by now. There is a reason why he is still there; he’s awful. The NFL knows it, that’s why Dr. Martinez is still in school. Let’s also not forget that UCLA put up over 600 yards of total offense against the Cornhuskers last year. All signs point to UCLA and I typically like to follow the direction that signs point me in.

UCLA 41 Nebraska 33

No. 19 Washington at Illinoishuskies illini

If you listened to our podcast last week you know I gave a big ‘tip of the cap’ to the Illini. Like Indiana, Illinois is a rapidly improving team. The biggest reason for the Illini’s turn round is Nathan Scheelhaase. This kid had four touchdown passes all of last season, he already has six in two games this season. Now, I am not ready to declare Illinois a bowl team just yet but they aren’t going to be the Big Ten’s doormat for much longer. They will, however, leave this game with the footprints of Washington all over their backside. The Huskers are dancing at the party the Illini are trying to get into. While Illinois stands outside and says “hey, my girlfriend is in there” UCLA politely smiles back and says “a lot of people’s girlfriends are in there.” Long story short, Washington will have their way with the Fighting Illini.

Washington 43 Illinois 24

No. 7 Louisville at Kentuckylousville kentucky

There is a big part of me that wants to pick the Wildcats in this game. Why? Take a look at Louisville’s schedule. Kentucky will be the toughest team Louisville plays all year and the Wildcats lost to Western Kentucky. It’s a good thing the Wildcats didn’t put Eastern Kentucky on the schedule. Louisville will lose this game… if Bridgewater gets kidnapped and the Cards spend the afternoon trying to find him. Other than that, this game will be over before halftime. As for Bridgewater; go ahead and reserve this kid a spot in New York this December. He may not win the award but he’ll at least be in the room when it’s given out.

Louisville 56 Kentucky 17

No. 1 Alabama at No. 6 Texas A&Mbama texas am

Forget about Johnny Manziel. Forget about the Alabama defense. Forget about the revenge factor and the Yahoo story that broke on Wednesday afternoon. There are zero off the field distractions when it comes to a Nick Saban coached football team. This game will be won or lost with the Texas A&M defense. If the first two games are any indication, the Aggies are in deep shit. A&M gave up 31 points to Rice and 28 points to Sam Houston State. They also got gashed for chunks of yards by both teams. Alabama’s offense didn’t light the world on fire against Va. Tech, but the Aggies defense makes the Hokies look like the 85’ Bears. You can also save your 12th man rubbish, Bama knows a thing or two about playing in hostile environments. Under Saban they almost never lose to the same team twice in a row. That will hold true this weekend in College Station as well.

Alabama 27 Texas A&M 16

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