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by Bryan Z. on November 22, 2013 · 0 comments

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Over the past three weeks, I have gone 9-3 with my picks, including another 3-1 effort last week. That puts me at 28-20 on the season. If only I had the stones to pick USC last week. I told everyone in September that Stanford was garbage, but every time I picked those hippies to lose, of course they won. It got so bad I even swore off of picking Stanford games all together. After I correctly predicted the Cardinal would beat that overrated bunch of sissies from Eugene, I thought it was safe to pick Stanford games again. Wrong again. Just when I think I have a team figured out, they turn around and lose to a talented but troubled USC team. The good news is that I have no reason to pick a Stanford game for the rest of the season. Now I only need to focus on teams and games that matter.

The weekend before rivalry week typically yields squat in the way of good football. Not the case this year. We have five games with top 25 teams playing one another. As an added bonus, and for your reading pleasure, I have decided to pick all five games. This will be a nice warm up for next week when I pick all the rivalry games…including the Ohio State – Michigan. That’s right boys and girls, I never pick a Buckeye game, but I have decided to make an exception this year. I’ll explain why next week. As for now, I give you the five best games of the week. Enjoy!

No. 12 Texas A&M at No. 22 LSUAM LSU

This might be one of the most difficult games to pick all year. I love the A&M offense, but loathe their defense. It’s hard to ever want to pick the Aggies when their defense is a turnstile. LSU on the other hand has a great defense, an NFL quarterback, and they’re playing at home. I’ll take the home team, but I reserve the right to change my pick at halftime.

LSU 30 Texas A&M 28

No. 19 Wisconsin at No. 25 Minnesotawisc minn

The Fighting Seizures, I mean the Golden Gophers, have been a pleasant surprise this year. They actually have a nice little football team. Too bad Wisconsin has a big, physical, nasty football team that wipes the floor with teams like Minnesota. The Gophers might keep it close for awhile, but Wisconsin will pull away when it counts.

Wisconsin 44 Minnesota 27

No. 17 Arizona State at No. 14 UCLAAZ St UCLA

It’s the “I can’t believe we both lost to Stanford” AT&T Bowl. This will be a fun game to watch. This game will come down to who has the better defense. Both teams, at times, look clueless on defense; which is why they both lost to Stanford. And at times both teams have an offense that goes MIA. I’ll take UCLA because I think they have the better coach. Sometimes that actually counts for something.

UCLS 27 Arizona State 23

No. 8 Missouri at No. 24 Ole MissMizzou Ole Miss

As much as I hate Missouri, and I do really hate Missouri, they somehow someway survived their three-week run without their star quarterback. Now Franklin is healthy and expected to start on Saturday. Ole Miss has no business in the top 25, or fielding a football team for that matter. Money buys lots of things, including the highest rated recruiting class in school history. Ole Miss will need to buy a few more recruiting classes before they actually matter.

Missouri 38 Ole Miss 13

No. 4 Baylor at No. 10 Oklahoma StateBU OSU

Welcome to the best game of the weekend. Enter every cliché known to man. ‘These teams might break the score board.’ ‘They play so fast; I’m tired from watching them.’ And so on. I hope Gus Johnson isn’t calling this game. That poor bastard might have an orgasm on national TV. As for the game; this is a tough one to call. The only question is, “Does Oklahoma State have enough talent on defense to make a few stops?”  I think they do. I also think they’re going to win this game.

Oklahoma State 55 Baylor 52 

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