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by Bryan Z. on November 14, 2013 · 1 comment

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I have finally started to create some separation with my picks. With back to back 3-1 weeks I am now sitting at 25-19 on the year. That is hardly an All American effort, but at least I’m trending in the right direction. The 19 losses I’ve suffered on the year were really at the hands of my own stupidity. Had I come to a few realizations a little sooner than I did I would have at least five or six fewer losses right now. No matter, what’s done is done. I’ll just need to keep a few things in mind next September when I start picking winners and losers. Things like; Indiana sucks and Stanford can beat Oregon but watch out for Utah.

I almost feel guilty picking games this week. Sure things in sports are very few and far between. This week’s round of four games is the unicorn of sports. I am so confident with these picks I may offer some sort of guarantee to go along with them. Something like…”you’ll like the way these picks look, I guarantee it.” Or “I’ll put my guarantee on the box, because all I sold you was a guaranteed piece of shit!” That has a nice ring to it. So, without further ado, here is the surest thing in sports since Oregon losing to a team with a backbone!

No. 25 Georgia at No. 7 AuburnGoergia Auburn

Well, Georgia is back in the top 25. Why, I have no idea. Since losing two in a row they barely beat an awful Florida team and beat up Appalachian St. (yes Michigan fans beating them can be done) I have two words that will haunt Bulldog fans for the rest of the season; Nick Marshall. The Auburn quarterback is going to cut through the Georgia defense like a hot knife through butter. Auburn will take care of business in their last tune up game before Alabama in two weeks.

Auburn 38 Georgia 17

No. 12 Oklahoma State at No. 24 TexasOSU Texas

Texas has finally seemed to have turned the corner. The Longhorns started the season by losing two out of their first three games, which put Mack Brown firmly on the hot seat. Since that time they have destroyed Oklahoma and steadily improved on defense. However, that defense is still an enormous liability. Last week they gave up 40 points to an awful West Virginia team. Now they play Oklahoma State; a team that averages 40 points per game and has scored over 50 points four times. Oklahoma State did lose to that awful West Virginia team, but they have been on a roll since then. Set this one in stone.

Oklahoma State 49 Texas 27

No. 16 Michigan State at NebraskaMSU Nebraska

Oh this game will be awful to watch. It will embody every stereotype about the Big Ten that there is. Slow. No offense. Slow. Boring to watch. Slow. No playmakers. Slow. This game will be like watching paint dry. Except when the paints dry you have a nice new room to look at. When this game is over you’re going to hate yourself and wonder why you watched this garbage in the first place. Michigan State will trip over their own feet enough times to pick up a few first downs and find the end zone once or twice. With their defense, that’s all they need.

Michigan State 17 Nebraska 9

No. 4 Stanford at USusc stanford

Don’t look now, but USC has managed to win three games in row. Of course that was against Larry, Curly and Moe (Utah, Oregon State and Cal) so let’s not all jump up and down at once. Still, this is an interesting game for Stanford. This is actually the very definition of a trap game. Stanford is fresh off of their gigantic win against Oregon and the rest of their season is on cruise control. USC has their fair share of issues, but let’s not forget that the Trojans have talent. Of all the picks this week this is the only one I will not guarantee. I’ll take the Tree, but only because I am a coward and I lack the necessary brass balls to pick the Trojans.

Stanford 33 USC 30

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