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by Bryan Z. on October 31, 2013 · 0 comments

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Well, last week was a small step in the right direction. I went 2-2 (putting me at 19-17 on the season) with my picks thanks to Missouri and Northwestern dropping the ball. That’s not a euphemism, both teams were driving late with chances to win the game and both teams turned the ball over. I should have gone 4-0 last week but I mistakenly put my faith in two teams that have no business playing football in the first place. Northwestern started the year 4-0, since that time they have lost four straight and have gone defeated in the Big Ten. Do you have any idea how much effort it takes not to win a game in the Big Ten?  Northwestern now trials Minnesota in the Big Ten standings. The Wildcats need to forfeit their football team, immediately.

I am not going to bash Missouri. I have already done so on multiple occasions, at some point it’s just piling on. I would rather focus my attention on football teams and games that are worth the effort of talking about. Well, I did chose to write about the Michigan – Michigan State game this weekend, so that last statement isn’t entirely true.

It’s amazing how fast football season has gone by. You spend all summer wishing for football, inadvertently wishing away the warm weather and sun kissed skin on the beach hotties. For what? Football season goes by faster than Christmas morning. I think football games should be played every other week. That way the season takes twice as long and we get a week off before our favorite teams play. I doubt the powers-that-be will go for that, but at least I am thinking outside the box…Oh well. The end draws near, but not before I give you my prediction on this week’s games.

No. 21 Michigan at No. 22 Michigan State

mich mich state

The battle of ‘that land up north’. Somehow I think if our four fathers could have seen what would have become of what is now Michigan they would have roped it off and told people the land was poisoned by the devil. It would have worked too; people were really gullible back then. Anyhow, I’m picking Sparty to win this game; largely because the Wolverines are a joke. If Uconn, Akron and Indiana could play defense Michigan would have four losses already. Michigan State isn’t exactly lighting up the score board on offense, but they do have the best defense in the country. That’s all they need to beat Michigan.

Michigan State 21 Michigan 10

Georgia vs. Florida*georgia florida

The battle of what could have been. Georgia and Florida started the year ranked in the top 10, but both teams enter this game at 4-3. Both teams lost to ACC schools in the non-conference and both teams lost to Missouri. Georgia out ranks Florida in every offensive category but Florida has the higher rated defense. I’m sure David Pollack (former Georgia player, current ESPN analyst and all around asshole) will pick Georgia. I’m sure Jesse Palmer (former Florida player, current ESPN analyst and all around asshole) will pick Florida. Just flip a coin, I did.

Georgia 28 Florida 23

No. 18 Oklahoma State at No. 15 Texas Techosu texas tech

If you like offense I highly suggest you watch this game. Don’t flip around and try to catch plays of other games in between plays of this game. The second you flip the channel someone is going to score. Both teams spread out the defense and throw the ball all over the field. When teams are this evenly matched I look for the little things that add up. Who is playing at home? Since both teams have one loss, who has the better loss? Who has the most impressive win? Well, Texas Tech is playing at home and they have the better loss. The Red Raiders lost to Oklahoma, where as the Cowboys lost to a below average West Virginia team. Neither team has an impressive win, so that’s a moot point. Two out of three isn’t bad, though.

Texas Tech 44 Oklahoma 41

No. 7 Miami (FL) at No. 3 Florida Statemiami florida state

I’m pretty sure Florida State already won this game; After all, they are a 22 point favorite. That’s the largest point spread for two top 10 teams playing one another this late in the season in the history of college football. That leaves you with one of two ways to look at this game.

1)      Miami is going to be extra fired-up because of the slap in the face from Vegas.

2)      This game will go exactly like the folks in Vegas think it will.

I tend to side with the degenerates in Vegas. Miami isn’t going to win this game. The juices might be flowing early on, which means they might keep in close for a quarter or so, but Florida State will win this game in convincing fashion.

Florida State 38 Miami 17 

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