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by Junior D on September 17, 2013 · 0 comments

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We all knew the Alabama – Texas A&M game would affect the top 10. Surprisingly, neither side looked like a national championship team. Yes, both teams have a great offense, or so it would appear. I believe the success that Alabama enjoyed on offense Saturday was a product of the Aggies defense. At one point, I was pretty sure Ohio State’s awful defensive coordinator Luke Fickell had snuck into College Station and started calling defensive plays for both teams. As bad as the Aggies looked on defense, Bama looked equally bad. I cannot remember the last time a Nick Saban defense gave up so many big plays. So much for the ‘next man up’ mentality. I guess losing a bunch of starters on defense (in the first round of the draft mind you) is hard to replace, even for Lord Saban. This game didn’t look anything like I thought it would, except of course for who won the game.

The rest of the top 10 was largely uneventful. Oregon did what Oregon does against lesser competitors. Florida State and LSU played well against garaged teams. Then there was Louisville and Stanford. Combined these two teams were favored by 45 points. They did not play like it. Most disturbing was Louisville. Yes they won a rivalry game but as I said in my weekly picks; Kentucky is the best team they will play all year. That tells you everything you need to know about the Cards schedule. Sure Louisville can light the world on fire against Ohio and Eastern Kentucky. But it’s more telling to me that they struggled against the only decent program they will see all year. Especially when that “decent program” is an SEC bottom dweller. Louisville will remain in my top 10, but they’re dropping down a spot.

As for Stanford; they have one week to figure out whatever the hell that was on Saturday or Arizona State will run all over them. To be fair, they did travel across the country to play an upset-minded Army squad. To be fair, they played Army. There is no reason why the 5th ranked team in the country should ever struggle that much with any branch of the military. But hey, it could be worse. Your defensive coordinator could be Luke Fickell.

This brings me to Ohio State. Watching the Buckeyes offense brought a tear to my eye. After suffering through all those years of “Tressel-ball” and hearing how the punt is the most important play in football, the Buckeyes finally have a real head coach. Urban Meyer has brought an offense to Columbus that will rival the best in football. The Buckeyes are easily the fastest team in the Big Ten, and they’re certainly one of the fastest teams in the country. Speed, guts (4 for 4 on 4th down), execution, and more speed. The offense is amazing; the defense is the product of an awful defensive coordinator that has no business coaching in big time college football. All Urban Meyer has done is bring in countless four and five star recruits on defense. All Luke Fickell has done is waste more talent than Ryan Leaf, Maurice Clarett and Aaron Hernandez combined. Someone needs to tell Fickell three things: 1. It’s okay to blitz, 2. Fast teams eat the zone defense alive, and 3. Here’s the door.

Zig’s Top 10

1)                         Alabama

2)                         Oregon

3)                         Clemson

4)                         Florida State

5)                         Stanford

6)                         LSU

7)                         Ohio State

8)                         Louisville

9)                         Georgia

10)                      Texas A&M

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