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by Junior D on September 9, 2013 · 0 comments

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Another week; another top 10 team goes down in flames. This time it was South Carolina that couldn’t live up to the pre-season hype. No surprise here. If you read my College Football Preview, you know I had the Gamecocks at the top of my pretenders list.  If you watched the South Carolina game yesterday, you saw every reason why I had them on that list. Their quarterback play is extremely average, the in-game coaching decisions are questionable to say the least, and the Gamecocks always find a way to lose a big game. On Saturday they found several. The one constant for the Gamecocks was supposed to be Clowney, and he looked lost. Or worse, it looked like he was playing not to get hurt. Either way, this will not be the only game South Carolina loses this year. You’re looking at an 8-4 football team that will destroy some awful Big Ten team in a bowl game.

The rest of the top 10 faired pretty well. Alabama clobbered the bye week (there is nothing like giving the best team in the country a week off before they play one of their toughest games of the year). Oregon looked like, well, Oregon. They’re going to look like that every week until they play a team with a defense that plays upright. Stanford looked okay in their opener, Clemson looked solid and Texas A&M, LSU and Louisville all looked good against opponents that most high school teams could beat. I will say this about the Aggies; they gave up points and a lot of yards to both Rice and Sam Houston State. They better figure out their defense before Bama rolls tide into town.

This brings me to Ohio State. On paper a 42-7 win over a team that won nine games last year looks great. In reality, the Buckeyes beat a San Diego State team that lost to a FCS school by more than 20 points at home last week. Am I impressed with the Buckeyes win over lowly San Diego State? Yes and No. The nice part is that this game went like it should have. Ohio State scored early and often and never let up, at least not until the second half. The defense played much better. Getting your All American corner and starting free safety back in the line-up will certainly help improve the overall performance. My only beef with the Buckeyes is Braxton Miller. This kid is a joke. I have never seen a player get hurt as often as Braxton does. In almost every game in his career at Ohio State, he has had to come out for a series or two because he got an ouchie on his leg, or hand or arm. If the kid gets touched or tackled with any kind of force, you can bet your sweet ass he is coming out of the game. At this point in the season, Braxton is more of a liability for the Buckeyes than he is a weapon.

Zig’s Top Ten:

1)            Alabama

2)            Oregon

3)            Clemson

4)            Stanford

5)            Florida State

6)            Texas A&M

7)            LSU

8)            Louisville

9)            Ohio State

10)        Georgia

So there is your latest and greatest top 10. Congrats to Georgia for regrouping and bouncing back after a heart-breaking loss in week one. Unlike South Carolina, Georgia is a one-loss team that still deserves to be in the national title picture. No, Michigan fan, beating an extremely average Notre Dame team doesn’t earn you a spot in the top 10. I will say this, the Wolverines have looked far better than I thought they were going to this year. Sadly they won’t have a meaningful or challenging game until November when the play Michigan State and Nebraska back to back.

Stay tuned for my weekly picks. Alabama – Texas A&M will cause another ripple in the top 10.

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