Zig’s College Football Top 10

by Bryan Z. on November 26, 2012 · 0 comments

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Rivalry weekend came and went without adding any major shake-ups to my top ten. I took the liberty of picking all the rivalry games for you, and I did a pretty decent job going 5-3 with my picks. I think I am finally ready to give Florida their due respect. While Florida State did hang around for a while, Florida eventually took control of that game and crushed the Seminoles in their own house. If I were a BCS official, the Gators would get my vote for an at-large bid. I still question their offense, but I think their defense would keep them in the game against any team in the country.

Raise your hand if you didn’t see Oregon’s beat down of Oregon State coming. Good, now that we have identified you we can go about removing you from society. You people are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. The only thing more predictable than the outcome of that game was the reaction from Duck fans. Duck fans are once again beating the national championship drum. Listen Daffy, you had your chance, and you blew it. Stanford did what real teams have done to you for years; they shut down that infomercial you call an offense. Enjoy your guaranteed victory in the Rose Bowl.

South Carolina and Clemson played a very nice football game. To be honest, I am very surprised that the Gamecocks won that game. The real question I have leaving this game is where does Clemson go from here? They finished the season 10-2, losing both games to the only two good teams they played all year. Racking up victories against the ACC and a weak out of conference schedule is only going to get you so far. Clemson has loads of talent and they recruit extremely well, but they better stop coming up short in big games or changes will be made.

Notre Dame looked like every bit of…well…Notre Dame. I guess they thought to themselves, hey, we’ve looked unimpressive and weak all year. Why change? If Notre Dame goes on to win the national title, they will be the least impressive champion in any sport since the Ravens won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at quarterback. Notre Dame Fans will have you believe they are back, and perhaps they are. Or, perhaps, they caught lighting in a bottle for one season. A season that has a team loaded with seniors at key positions. Enjoy this season Irish fans; you better party like its 1993.

That leaves me with the Ohio State-Michigan game, or “The Game” as it’s known in these parts. Like Notre Dame above, the Buckeyes were unimpressive in victory on Saturday and pretty much all year. But Ohio State has something no other school in the country has. They have a weapon so dangerous it should be illegal to possess it. That weapon is Urban Meyer. Take a moment to think about what Meyer accomplished this season. He took a 6-7 football team from a year ago, with holes all over the place and zero identity from top to bottom, and went 12-0 his first year on the job. Those 17-16, 21-14, and 26-21 victories this year, will turn into 40-10, 35-14 and 49-6 victories in years to come. And why can I tell you that with such confidence? One, he recruits at levels that would make Nick Saban blush. Two, he knows the importance of a great coaching staff. His success this year was based entirely on the coaches he brought in. That will not change. With the loads of four and five stars recruits flocking to Columbus, the rest of the Big Ten are sitting ducks.


1)      Notre Dame

2)      Alabama

3)      Ohio State

4)      Oregon

5)      Georgia

6)      Florida

7)      Kansas State

8)      Texas A&M

9)      Stanford

10)   LSU

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