Zig’s College Football Top 10

by Junior D on November 18, 2012 · 0 comments

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Well, if you love college football, then Saturday was the best day of the season for you. I said Kansas State was going to lose to Baylor, but I didn’t think they were going to get their doors blown off. I don’t know if it was the pressure of being the new number one, or the fact they were playing without one of their best defensive players; whatever it was, those boys did not look like they should have ever been in the BCS title discussion. I do feel for Kansas State and their fans; mainly because I have a strong affection for Bill Snyder and Collin Klein. With Saturday’s embarrassing loss, their national title hopes are history along with Klein’s Heisman bid. It could be worse; they could have laid that giant, stinky egg in the national title game. Talk about embarrassing. Right, Buckeye fans?

Attention Oregon fans, national media, and chicks that dig the long ball: Oregon showed you yet again that they are who I said they were. Now to be fair, I did say Oregon would beat Stanford. First, I didn’t think Stanford had that kind of defense, and second, I thought someone would have to outscore Oregon in a shootout to win. Since Phil Knight won’t allow Chip Kelly to leave Oregon, can we please all remember last night’s game next season when Oregon starts piling up points against Colorado and Washington State? Oregon’s offense does not translate against good, physical, fast defense. It’s the reason I’ve said time and time again they couldn’t beat Alabama. It’s the reason why they lost to Auburn and Ohio State in recent bowl games. Enjoy the Rose Bowl Oregon; at least you can still make the Big Ten shake in their boots.

That brings us to the Irish. Anyone that follows the site and listens to the podcast knows how I feel about Notre Dame. I am willing to set aside my aversion for Notre Dame for the remainder of this season only. All Notre Dame has done is go quietly about their business and win every game on their schedule. Has it looked pretty at times? No, it’s looked down right awful at times. But the last time I checked, you don’t get an extra W in the win column for dropping 70 points on Colorado, do you Duck fans? What you do get is good old fashion credit for beating the teams they put in front of you. That includes overrated dogs like Oklahoma, Michigan and Michigan State. Notre Dame deserves to be headed to South Florida if they can handle USC next week.

1)      Notre Dame

2)      Alabama

3)      Ohio State

4)      Oregon

5)      Georgia

6)      Kansas State

7)      Florida State

8)      Florida

9)      Texas A&M

10)   Stanford

I’ve been saying for weeks that the back half of this top 10 did not matter when it came to the national title game. Now, it seems as though every team in the top 10 (aside from Kansas State) still has a chance to play for the title. If the brass at Ohio State would have done the right thing last season and passed on a bowl, the NCAA might have let them play in one this year. Now there is no guarantee of that, but every Buckeye fan I know said last year, they would have gladly sacrificed the meaningless Gator Bowl in hopes that it would have appeased the appetite of the blood thirsty NCAA. There is no need to go down that road. The Buckeyes can’t play for the title, and honestly, they don’t belong on the same field with Notre Dame.

The most obvious answer to the BCS riddle is that yet again there will be an SEC team playing for the title. If Alabama beats Georgia, they absolutely belong in title game. If Georgia wins and Oregon wins out, then you have yet another reason college football needs a playoff. Since we still have this awful system for another year, we’ll just have to hope that the two best teams actually make it to Miami.

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