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by Bryan Z. on October 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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So here we are past the 8th week of the college football season, and the national title picture is still murky at best. Heading into this past weekend, there were certainly plenty of chances for a major shake-up in the Top 10, but this weekend turned out to be more about exploiting the pretenders than revealing the contenders. While the top 10 remained largely intact, there was definite clarity surrounding two schools: South Carolina and West Virginia. Those schools will not pass go, and will not collect two hundred dollars. And then there is Notre Dame and LSU. Even in victory, the Irish and Tigers didn’t do anything to separate themselves from the pack. All of this uncertainty points to one indisputable fact, a playoff is coming to college football just in the nick of time.


Back to the Mountaineers and Gamecocks. I must admit, I am guilty of jumping on both of these teams’ bandwagons. After WVU won on the road against Texas, and South Carolina dismantled a highly rated Georgia team, I thought both these schools belonged in the top 5. Many of you probably jumped off West Virginia’s bandwagon after they got smoked by  Texas Tech, but I stayed the course. I had more faith in their offense than any one person should have. I knew a national title birth would be a long shot after losing the way they did to Texas Tech, but I still had the Mountaineers penciled in for a BCS bowl game with their Heisman winning quarterback leading the way. Now, bye-bye BCS. Bye-bye Heisman. Hello Gator Bowl. It could be worse, West Virginia could still be wasting away in the Big East.


And then there is South Carolina. Shame on me for buying into this team. Shame on me for thinking their offense could actually score points, and that they had a legit SEC defense. To quote my boy Denny Green, “South Carolina is who we thought they were”. They’re a decent team playing in an outstanding conference. It’s really a shame they don’t play in the Big Ten. They would have a clear road to the national title every year. Name one team from the Big Joke that would beat South Carolina. As pedestrian as the Gamecocks have looked the past two weeks, they would still be a 10 point favorite over every team in the Big Joke. But that’s neither here nor there, they have outed themselves as a pretender. Now all they have to play for is the right to smoke Northwestern or Nebraska in the “Capital, who gives a shit, One Bowl.”


Zig’s Top Ten


1)      Alabama

2)      Oregon

3)      Florida

4)      Kansas State

5)      LSU

6)      Notre Dame

7)      Oklahoma

8)      Oregon State

9)      USC

10)   Ohio State


Last week the SEC had four teams in my top 10.  This week they have three. After reading my glowing review of South Carolina, I’m sure you’re shocked to see that. But still, there is going to be at least one team from the SEC playing for the title. And for the seventh straight year, they’re probably going to win. With Oregon on cruise control the PAC 12 makes a nice argument for taking the second spot. Yes Florida is undefeated, and yes they played very well against South Carolina, but the key to Florida making it to the promise land lies in the SEC title game. And with Alabama more than likely playing in that game, Florida is faced with the cold hard truth. They do not have the ponies, at this point, to play with Alabama. That game will not be close. Did you see the Alabama/Tennessee game Saturday night? That’s called a preview for the SEC title game.


Kansas State is the reason I didn’t go 4-0 in my weekly picks last week. Well, that and I picked West Virginia to beat them (shaking my head as I type this.) Kansas State still has a long road ahead of them. They do get Texas Tech and Texas at home, but road games at TCU and Baylor could prove to be tricky. If KSU runs the table, along with Alabama, Notre Dame and Oregon, they would be my pick to play in the title game. Klein has Kansas State playing with their hair on fire. If you couple that with the fact that Bill Snyder is roaming the sidelines, you have something special brewing in Manhattan, KS. But as I said at the top, there is still a ton of football to be played.


Notre Dame and LSU are barely in the national title conversation, and after this week, Notre Dame won’t be. The Irish get less impressive on offense every week.   If it wasn’t for their defense, they would have at least two losses by now. Notre Dame belongs in a BCS game, just not THE BCS Game. I moved LSU ahead of Notre Dame this week simply because they play in the SEC. Although, if the two schools we’re to play one another, (hello Sugar Bowl), I think LSU would win. Even with their struggles at the quarterback position, LSU is a fun team to watch. The way they move people off the ball.  The way they run the ball right down your throat. They play old school smash mouth football, and in a world of sissy spread attacks and three yard pass plays on 3rd and nine, it’s really refreshing.


The rest of my top 10 is a who’s who of shouldn’t be playing in the national title game. Oklahoma will beat Notre Dame, but you can bet every last dime that they will lose one more game this year. It’s what they do. Oregon State is cute, but the Ducks are going to absolutely destroy them in late November. USC got completely man-handled by Stanford. The same Stanford team that has lost twice since then. Ohio State? Aside from the fact that they’re ineligible, Ohio State is the South Carolina of the Big Ten. Remember what I said above? If the Buckeyes played in any other major conference, they would have at least two losses. Their defense is disgraceful, their one special player is now hurt, and the coaching has not lived up to the hype. The sad part is that Meyer has enough talent to win the Big Ten right now. But that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.

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