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by Bryan Z. on November 26, 2013 · 0 comments

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It’s funny how things have a way of sorting themselves out. If only people were cooler, calmer and collected during the football season. Information and opinions about your favorite team have never been easier to come by with 24-hour news outlets, the internet, and smart phones. We’re all guilty of it including myself. I bought into the hype and agenda that was flooding the country instead of quietly waiting for the football season to work itself out. I should have known better. No matter how much people talk, and people love to talk, the players still need to show up on Saturday afternoons and play the games. It’s this inevitable act that will always haunt the talking heads in the sports media. No matter how high they climb on their soapbox, Baylor was still going to have to play Oklahoma State. Oregon still had to play Stanford, and Stanford still had to play USC. Ohio State is still beating every team that lines up against them.

The top 10 sorted itself out nicely. With only three unbeaten teams that matter, and rivalry week and conference championship games still to come, the next two weeks will make everything crystal clear. I said it a few weeks ago; With a college football playoff next season, the BCS era will fade into the night without so much as a peep of controversy. I am even more convinced of that with only two weeks to go in the season. If Alabama does survey the next two brutal weeks, they will have earned their spot in the title game. If Florida State surveys two weak and awful games, and if Jameis Winston doesn’t get brought up on charges in a year-old sexual assault case, they too will have earned their spot. It’s true that Ohio State has a good chance of getting left in the cold, but in my opinion, that hardly qualifies as drama. All the Buckeyes can do is win the games they play, and as I stated above, things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Top 10

1)      Alabama

2)      Florida State

3)      Ohio State

4)      Oklahoma State

5)      Clemson

6)      Auburn

7)      Michigan State

8)      South Carolina

9)      Missouri

10)  Arizona State

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