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by Bryan Z. on November 19, 2013 · 0 comments

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Well, now we’re cooking with gas. With pretenders like Stanford and Oregon dropping off the map we now have a very clear picture of what the bowl season, namely the title game, will look like. It’s simple; Alabama and Florida State are hands down the two best teams in the country and should play for the national title. No other team in the country has room to complain if those teams go unbeaten. For my money, the only thing better than having a clear cut idea of who should play in the title game is having a clear cut idea of who the next teams in line are if one of the top two slip up. I do not recall in the BCS era having four teams so well defined as we do this year. Forget about everyone else outside of Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State or Baylor. It’s nice to see that the drama that has been the BCS for years now will fade into the night without so much as a whisper of controversy.

My real interest in the top ten takes place in the latter half. Most of the time, when we reach this point in the season, I completely ignore teams 5-10 because they have no outcome on the national title picture. While that still holds true this season, my interest in the back half of this top ten is because of one team and one team only; Michigan State. Sparty is the most underrated and over looked team in the country. We all know why; they play in the Big Ten, which in the eyes of the media means they’re a leper. Never mind the fact that they have the best defense in the country. Everyone chooses to focus on their lack of offense. There is only one problem with that; Michigan State actually averages over 30 points per game on offense. Over the past three weeks they have scored an average of 37 points per game. If you gave Ohio State the Spartan defense you would have the best team in the country.

With the season coming to a close it’s refreshing to see two teams in the top 10 from the Big Ten that actually deserve to be there. It’s also refreshing to see Stanford out of the top 10. I have been banging on the Cardinal all year. Any team that almost loses to Army and does lose to Utah is shady at best.

Enjoy the last few weeks of the season. There is still a lot of football to be played so do not be surprised if you end up with a title game that no one saw coming. The voters and computers could fuck up a cup of coffee, so I’ll be looking forward to a Baylor – Oregon title game.


1)                Alabama

2)                Florida State

3)                Ohio State

4)                Baylor

5)                Oregon

6)                Clemson

7)                Oklahoma St

8)                Auburn.

9)               Texas A&M

10)            Michigan State

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