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by Bryan Z. on November 12, 2013 · 1 comment

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I love when things have a way of sorting themselves out. Last week it was Oregon that finally proved to the whole world that they’re a paper tiger. I don’t care what the final score says; Oregon was never in any danger of beating Stanford. If I was an Oregon fan, and I’m damn glad I’m not, I would be completely embarrassed by what I saw on Thursday night in Palo Alto. Of course, if I were an Oregon fan, I would have been born in the 90’s, which would of course make me far too young to know anything about real college football.  Oregon got utterly dismantled on national television. Stanford ran “Student Body Right” at least 15 times, and I think they picked up a first down every single time. It’s one thing to catch a team off guard and surprise them with things they haven’t seen on film. It’s quite another to run the same play over and over again when everyone including the defense knows what’s coming. I would like to thank Stanford for saving us from yet another awful national title game. If Oregon had played Alabama it would have been laughable. Just like when the Ducks play any elite team.

With Oregon finally out of the title picture, we can focus on the rest of the top 10 and how things should look moving into the final weeks of the season. It pains me to say Auburn is for real. If you haven’t seen them play, specifically quarterback Nick Marshall, I’d pay careful attention this week. They have a nice tune-up game against Georgia before heading into the Iron Bowl against Alabama. Marshall is the type of quarterback that has been a thorn in the side of Alabama for years. Johnny football, Cam Newton and Jefferies have all beaten Bama, largely because of their running ability. I am not saying Auburn will beat Alabama, but they have a punchers chance.

It’s a shame Stanford couldn’t handle their business against Utah. I still think they lack the offensive fire power to beat Alabama or Florida State, but it would have been fun to watch them try. Ohio State is finding their stride on defense and the rest of the country is starting to take notice. Unless one of the top two teams loses, Ohio State won’t get the chance to prove itself. No one in Columbus should piss and moan about the Buckeyes getting left in the cold. Instead, they should redirect their anger at the Big Ten. If Ohio State didn’t play in a joke of a conference, the Buckeyes would be sitting pretty right now. Save the energy you use on hating Mark May or bitching about ESPN, and use it to flood the office of the Big Ten. Demand the conference gets a commissioner that knows what the hell he is doing. Demand other schools in the conference pay more to attract better coaches; which in turn would bring better recruits. The Big Ten is content with suckling from the tit of Ohio State. Why help yourself when the Buckeyes will pay all your bills? It’s simple, until the Big Ten improves, or Ohio State joins a real conference, they have no business in the title game discussion.

Here’s how they stack up…

Zig’s Top 10

1)                Alabama

2)                Florida State

3)                Ohio State

4)                Stanford

5)                Baylor

6)                Oregon

7)                Clemson

8)                Oklahoma St.

9)                Auburn

10)            Texas A&M

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