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by Bryan Z. on November 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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The separation from the top four teams in the country and everyone else got a little bigger this weekend after Florida State put Miami on blast. The Canes predictably hung tough for a quarter or two but the talent, speed and physical nature of Florida State took over. Miami is still a pretty good football team; they just have a lot more work to do before they climb back into the ‘elite’ conversation. The only thing I found worrisome about Florida States play was quarterback Jamies Winston. First, get the kid to an eye doctor immediately. How on earth can that kid be such a good quarterback when he can’t even see the signals coming in from the sideline? Second, the two first half interceptions he threw were just awful passes. Those ill-advised throws were the first time he has looked like a freshman all season. It just goes to show you that even someone as good and young as Winston has plenty to work on.

The other top four team that made a statement was Ohio State. I still refuse to put Ohio State in the conversation with Florida State or Alabama but the Buckeyes are lying in wait. They’re waiting for one of those teams to slip up because Ohio State will not be challenged the rest of the season. Their last three games are against Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.  Ordinarily the Michigan game would give Buckeye fans some pause for concern, but this isn’t your Daddy’s Wolverines. Michigan is sitting at 6-2 on the year, which on its face isn’t all that bad. If you factor in the fact that they should have lost to Akron and Uconn, that record looks a whole lot less impressive. The other thing that makes Michigan look less impressive is watching them play football. They’re fresh off of a spectacular showing of 168 total yards against Michigan State. A game which also included the Wolverines rushing for -48 yards. The Buckeyes will beat this bunch of clowns by 21 points. Then it’s off to the Big Ten title game, where they will likely be unchallenged as well.

This coming week is going to separate the men from the boys. Reflecting my rankings, you have six teams in the top playing one another. There will be more to come on these games in my weekly picks, just know this; it’s time for a few teams to put up or shut up. If this week goes the way I hope it does you could be left with just two teams in the driver’s seat for the title game. Stay tuned…

Zig’s Top 10

Those that Matter…

1)        Alabama

2)       Florida State

3)       Oregon

4)       Ohio State

Those that Don’t…

5)      Stanford

6)      Baylor

7)      Clemson

8)      Oklahoma St.

9)      Oklahoma

10)    LSU

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