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by Bryan Z. on October 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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Another week of college football brought us two more top 10 teams going down in flames. This time it was Texas Tech and Missouri exiting the top 10. If you visit our site often you know I have zero respect for Missouri. They had no business in the top 10 and proved as much by losing to an average South Carolina team at home. Missouri was your typical ‘manufactured’ good team. They were marvelously over hyped by the bigoted SEC media. If Missouri was in the Big Ten (thank god they’re not, we have enough below average teams) they would have barely cracked the top 25, let alone the top five. And don’t look now, but the lap dogs in the media have another undeserved SEC team in their top 10. This time it’s Auburn. Auburns top ten resume consist of beating West Carolina, Florida Atlantic and losing to LSU. They did beat Texas A&M, but any offense that can walk and chew gum at the same time can beat the Aggies deplorable defense. Basically, color me extremely unimpressed with the SEC, outside of Alabama of course.

My top five largely stayed the same. I did move the Buckeyes ahead of the Hurricanes. Why, you ask? Ohio State finally showed signs of life on defense. Now before we all get too carried away, let’s put that defensive performance into a little perspective. First let me say that I am not trying to take anything away from Ohio State; credit where credit is due. I am just cautious about how much credit I give the Buckeye defense. They did after all beat a true freshman, at home, on a team that is decimated by NCAA sanctions. And it’s not like Penn State didn’t move the ball. Hackenberg missed wide open receivers all night. When he did hit his guys in stride they dropped the ball and he threw two really bad interceptions. All that spells disaster for a Super Freshman that was clearly in over his head. But you know what? Who gives a shit! If the Ohio State defense plays like that, and get’s a few breaks like the ones I outlined above, they can beat any team in the country. Period, the end! The rest of this season is going to be a fun ride for Buckeye fans.

I am thinking of making this a top five next week. You essentially have four teams, and only four teams, that matter. Since a top four sounds silly, and a top 5 would be effortless, I’ll continue to bring you a top 10; just know that once you get past the number four it’s all meaningless. Unless, of course, you care about awful corporate sponsored bowl games and meaningless conference titles. If you do care about those things I suggest two things:

1)      Grow Up.

2)      Watch Baseball

You can have your sports that refuse to embrace technology and you can have your gaudy conference championship trophies. The only people that are going to remember that Texas Tech or Oklahoma won the Big 12 this season are the alumni of those schools. Everyone else will remember the two teams that played for the national title. History will immortalize the winner and take pity on the loser.

Zig’s Top 10

Those that Matter…

1)        Alabama

2)       Florida State

3)       Oregon

4)       Ohio State

Those that Don’t…

5)       Miami (FL)

6)       Stanford

7)       Baylor

8)       Clemson

9)       Oklahoma St.

10)    Oklahoma

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