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by Bryan Z. on October 22, 2013 · 1 comment

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College football has become a mad house, and I am the person trying to make sense of the insanity. The problem is there is just too much crazy . A few weeks ago college football was like the shy pretty girl next door that you thought was kind of cute. Sure you were interested, but she really didn’t excite you. Then a few weeks later, she came out of the house in skin tight leather pants while smoking a cigarette. All of the sudden you’re at her beckon call and will gladly follow any misguided direction she gives you. You’ll put up with all the crazy because she looks so damn good in those pants. The college football season started slow, but now it’s a smokin’ hot chick that will get all the attention she deserves and then some.

The craziness got just plain silly on Saturday. Seven teams in the top 15 lost, bringing all sorts of clarity to the national title picture. You only have five teams that belong in the national discussion from this moment forward. As my rankings reflect, those teams are Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Miami (FL) and Ohio State. Everyone else is the smokin’ hot girl’s way less attractive sister.

So where do we go from here? I am not about to predict the national title game with all the madness that has taken place the past two weeks. I will say that Alabama is hands down the best team in the country. Their defense is finding its stride, which is flat-out scary for the rest of college football. I find it hard to believe Alabama makes it out of that conference without at least one loss given the way SEC teams are devouring one another this year. What Florida State did to Clemson on Saturday was just plain mean. To take one of the better teams in the country and humiliate them on national television is wrong. And by wrong I mean awesome. We have all been waiting for Clemson to lay an egg; I just didn’t think they would do it during primetime. That week one win against the Bulldogs looks less impressive by the second with Georgia now losing three games.

The Hurricanes didn’t play very well against UNC, but they got the win and that’s really all that counts. Ditto for Ohio State. The Buckeye defense is a walking disgrace to the game of football, but who the hell cares?  The Buckeyes aren’t perfect, but they will finish the year unbeaten. Will it be enough to get them a seat at the big table? Probably not. Oregon is also going unbeaten, so there is one slot penciled in for the national title game.

Damn, there I go again. I just said I wouldn’t make any predictions on the title game, and then I said Oregon would be in it. I don’t know why I said Oregon will be in the title game. Seriously, Oregon in the title game? It’s way too early to say that Oregon will be in the title game.

No sir, you won’t get any more predictions about title games from me. Just a weekly top 10 that I feel reflects the 10 best teams in the country. So enjoy the top 10 and remember; we’re already in week 9 of the college football season. Let’s not speed things up by predicting title games and meaningless BCS games. Enjoy the quickly moving season before it’s too late, and all we have left is the awful regular season NBA games.  Now that’s scary.

Zig’s Top 10

1)        Alabama

2)       Florida State

3)       Oregon

4)       Miami (FL)

5)       Ohio State

6)       Stanford

7)       Baylor

8)       Missouri

9)       Texas Tech

10)    Clemson

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