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by Bryan Z. on October 14, 2013 · 0 comments

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Well, ask and you shall receive. Just one week ago I was on my soap box banging on the teams in the top 10 for their soft out of conference schedules. I was very disappointed that before this past weekend we hadn’t had a real upset all season. It’s seems as though I have made a habit of making these big sweeping statements recently and then getting them wrong. I put Stanford in the top three. I had Georgia playing a fellow SEC foe in the de facto national title game known as the SEC title game. I’ve basically made error after error, but I’ve done it so well.

College football is far from a perfect science. Mistakes will be made. The key is to learn from those mistakes and try to piece together a real understanding of what is going on. For explain; as much as it pains me to acknowledge it, we’re probably looking at an Oregon vs. SEC title game. Or a better lesson learned would be to stop trying to predicate the future of college football, so feel free to ignore that whole Oregon/SEC thing. Even trying to stay in the moment and judge teams week by week is difficult. Your eyes can play tricks on you, but so can the teams that you build up.

I picked Stanford to lose twice in the past three weeks and they won both times. After they beat Washington I decided they were for real. I all but decided they would beat Oregon in a few weeks, leaving them with a clear path to the national title game. Those tricky little bastards made me look downright foolish; but not as foolish as Georgia did. I declared Georgia kings of the universe and actually said out loud that they were going to destroy Missouri. The only thing that got destroyed on Saturday was Georgia’s defense and my creditability. Thankfully my credit rate wasn’t that high so it shouldn’t take too long to rebuild it.

I stand by the other moves I made in the top ten last week and if you follow the ‘other’ polls closely you’ll notice that the Hurricanes and the Bruins are now in the AP top ten. Welcome to the party media. Of course you didn’t have Georgia ranked second, so let’s call it even. The top 10 is finally seeing some movement. With four teams in the top 10 playing ranked opponents this weekend it’s going to see even more movement. With Florida State playing Clemson this weekend we’re assured to have one less unbeaten team come Sunday. Which is always a good thing. Since we’re still a year away from a real playoff system I prefer to end the year with just two unbeaten teams. It makes things nice and neat. I would hate to try and tidy up the mess that a multiple unbeaten team situation would leave us.

Top 10

1)      Alabama

2)      Florida State

3)      Oregon

4)      Clemson

5)     Miami (FL)

6)     UCLA

7)      Texas A&M

8)     LSU

9)     Ohio State

10)   Stanford

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