Zig’s College Football Top 10

by Bryan Z. on October 1, 2013 · 0 comments

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Another week of college football and another week of next to no movement in the top 10. At least this time around, the teams in the top 10 had to earn their spot. That being said, we are now five weeks into the college football season, and the cream still has not risen to the top. I mean seriously, show me one team that is hands down the best in the country. Oregon? I don’t think so. Oregon is doing what they always have done. They score a bunch of points against pathetic teams, and they’re the bright shiny thing everyone likes to talk about at the beginning of the year. Wait until they play a team that has a backbone. Wait until they throw a punch, and someone actually punches back. Right now Oregon is playing against themselves every week. If you’re buying all the stock you can find in Oregon, I highly suggest you wait. They play three teams currently ranked in the top 15 over the next five weeks. They will have earned at least some of the ill-gotten praise they have been receiving thus far if they survive that daunting task.

Who else you got? Alabama? The Tide did pitch a shutout against a pretty decent Ole Miss team, but even Nick Saban acknowledged that it was an ugly win. Alabama does not scream world-beater like they have in the past, and they have holes all over the place. The only reason why they are even ranked number one in the country is because of Saban and his recent history of dominating college football.  So who does that leave us with? Clemson? I don’t think so. You can’t be considered the best of the best when the entire country is waiting for you to pull a “Clemson.”  It’s not a good sign when you’re the metaphor for collapse.

The Buckeyes? Not with that defense.  I am going to pull a Clemson if I watch one more Buckeye game where the opposing team’s player sets another career record. It’s not like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have been lighting up the Buckeyes. So far a 12 year old freshman quarterback from Cal and Wisconsin’s very own Forest Gump at wide receiver have set career highs against them. This needs to stop. Changes need to be made and made quickly. Who else? Stanford, Florida State and Louisville have all looked beatable this year. Texas A&M, Georgia and LSU have been beaten this year. Long story short; we don’t know what we don’t know. October will separate contenders from pretenders. October will set the stage to see if any of the above mentioned schools can make a run in November. For now I give what everyone else is giving you; a best guess at the top 10.

Zig’s Top 10

1)      Alabama

2)      Oregon

3)      Clemson

4)      Florida State

5)      Stanford

6)      Ohio State

7)      Georgia

8)      Louisville

9)      Texas A&M

10)  LSU

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