Zig’s College Football Top 10

by Junior D on September 24, 2013 · 1 comment

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My Top-10 is unchanged for the first time all season thanks to a weekend filled with creampuff games. That happens when the best teams in the country match up against glorified high school teams for the sake of scheduling home games just to rake in the cash. It is a mockery of everything great about college football when Ohio State, Miami, Oregon or any other major program willingly schedules schools like Florida A&M or Savannah State. There isn’t a single thing gained, for either school, by putting these games on the schedule. Ohio State cannot use that game as a measuring stick; in fact, I would argue the complete opposite. It does more harm than good to play a team like FAMU or Savanna State the week before you start conference games. These games are criminal. It’s criminal to put this garbage on the field and charge full price to watch it. It’s criminal to put players from FAMU on the field with guys that are so much bigger and faster. It is a lawsuit and serious player injury waiting to happen. These games need to stop. Fans need to boycott these games. It’s like anything else; hit the schools and the NCAA in the wallet, and they’ll make changes quicker than you think.

Joy in this past weekend’s games was tough to come by, but I found one game that made me a very happy boy. Michigan and their joke of a quarterback struggled to beat what is statically the worst team in the country. Michigan is bad; plain and simple. Their out conference schedule is a joke as well. As I said a few weeks ago; beating a turd Irish team doesn’t make you good, just better than a bad team. Michigan will lose at least four games in the Big Ten this year, and I cannot wait to watch every one of them. It would have been the single greatest weekend of college football since September 1st 2007 if Michigan had lost that game to UConn. Why that weekend you ask? Well, that just happens to be the same weekend that Michigan lost to Appalachian State. That my friends, is the best moment in football history. Michigan fans need to realize if they have kids that are seven years old; their kids have seen the Wolverines lose to Utah, Toledo, and Appalachian State. Have fun explaining that to your kids. Oh, but make sure you tell them you won a bunch of games in the 1920’s and 30’s. You know, 15 years before their grandparents were born.

Zig’s Top 10

1)      Alabama

2)      Oregon

3)      Clemson

4)      Florida State

5)      Stanford

6)      LSU

7)      Ohio State

8)      Louisville

9)      Georgia

10)  Texas A&M

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