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Fresh batteries in the remote? Check.

Cold beer waiting? Check.

Snacks of the fried and cheesed variety? Check.

The next 13 Saturdays of the year cleared with nowhere to be? Check & Check.

The 2013 College Football season starts in less than one week. I’ll give you a second to collect yourself…there you go…let’s continue. I am assuming that most of you are not like me. Many of you probably did not spend your summer pouring over blogs, websites, magazines and message boards reading all about the upcoming season. You probably have a life.

You should realize that I did all of that for you. I have compiled a wealth of college football knowledge so vast that ESPN is branding my forehead. The goal was simple; to take all of that knowledge and dump it into one place for all of you to enjoy. Rather than going from site to site like some random gipsy, like I had too, I wanted your experience to be easy. Go to Junior D Sports, click on Zig’s College Football Preview and enjoy. Everything you need to know about the 2013 season is right here. I give you a clear roadmap for all things that will happen this season. Read and Enjoy.

 Top 5 games of the year:

1)    Alabama at Texas A&M, Sept. 14

The good news is we do not have to wait long for this one; with this game coming in only the third week of the season. The bad news is that Johnny Football might not be around for this game. One can only hope. Either way, this is going to be a great game. The SEC will take center stage early this year and the winner will be in the driver’s seat for the national title game.

2)    Georgia at Clemson, Aug. 31

3)    LSU at Alabama, Nov. 9

4)    Oregon at Stanford, Nov. 7

5)    UCLA at USC, Nov. 30.


Top 5 Heisman Contenders :

1)    Jadeveon Clowney

Let’s get something straight; talking about the Heisman trophy before November is just plain stupid. That being said, the point of this list is to highlight the best players in the country. And if they’re the best players in the country than of course they will be on the shortlist for the Heisman. Clowney is, hands down, the best player in the country. Hell, he might be the best player in the NFL and he’s not even in the league yet. Enjoy him this year Gamecock fans, because he will be the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

2)    Braxton Miller

3)    Teddy Bridgewater

4)    Johnny Manziel

5)    De’Anthony Thomas


Top 5 Coaches on the hot seat:

1)    Lane Kiffin

I do not care how many cheesy videos the USC AD makes defending his guy Kiffin, if this season goes anything like last season Kiffin will be out. He was handed the keys to a well oiled machine (albeit Pete Carroll left a few dents in the machine) and has done nothing but drive it into the ground since he got there. At this point Kiffin’s name is the only thing keeping him around but sadly for him it’s not a strong enough name to keep him around forever.

2)    Charlie Weis

3)    Mack Brown

4)    Randy Edsall

5)    Mike Leach


The TOP 5 Best Game Day Experiences:

Disclaimer; I realize this list is highly subjective. It all depends on what part of the country you live in, what type of food you like and school you cheer for. That being said; the five schools on this list are universally known as great college football experiences. If you disagree I suggest you hop in a car and make some road trips.

1)    Ole Miss

2)    Texas A&M

3)    Ohio State

4)    Tennessee

5)    Nebraska


Top 5 pretenders

1)    South Carolina

Yes, the Gamecocks have the best player on the planet, but Clowney is still just one guy in the ultimate team sport. Spurrier always finds away to lose a game or two through a brutal SEC schedule and this season will not be any different. Quarterback play has also been an issue for Spurrier and again, I do not see any improvement coming in that category either. The Gamecocks will win 9 games and destroy another awful Big Ten team on News Years Day. But they are not a legit national title contender.

2)    Clemson

3)    Louisville

4)    Ohio State

5)    Texas A&M


Schools that will have the most arrests in the 2013 season

1)    Ohio State

The Buckeyes are off to a banner start this season. They’ve already had two of their best players arrested and that was before fall camp started. Urban Meyer will bring a lot of wins and more than likely a few national titles but he will also bring upwards of 30 or 40 arrests during his tenure at Ohio State. Buckeye fans will defend their guy, like they did that scum bag Tressel. I just hope Meyer manages to run a little tighter ship than he has in the past.

2)    LSU

3)    Florida

4)    West Virginia

5)    Auburn


Top 5 new comers to keep an eye on:

1)    Robert Nkemdiche

The number one overall recruit on just about every recruiting site, Nkemdiche is last year’s recruiting version of Clowney.  It was also a major shock when he picked Ole Miss over several other more prominant offers. It may very well be the best decision of his life. Schools like Ole Miss do not have the depth of the LSU’s, Alabama’s and Florida’s of the world. Nkemdiche will get immediate playing time and almost certainly have an immediate impact.

2)    Christian Hackenberg (QB – Penn State)

3)    Robbie Rhodes (WR – Baylor)

4)    Derrick Green (RB Michigan)

5)    Dontre Wilson (ATH Ohio State)


Zig’s preseason top 10:

Like any other ‘know it all’ blogger and sports website, I have a Preseason Top 10. Just like the Hesiman Trophy, talking about the top 10 this early is just plain stupid but I try to give the people what they want and the people most certainly want a top 10 list. So here you go…just do not expect me to stand by this come November.

1)    Alabama

2)    Oregon

3)    Georgia

4)    Stanford

5)    Clemson

6)    Texas A&M

7)    South Carolina

8)    Ohio State

9)    Florida

10)  Florida State


Zig’s preseason national title game pick:

With five teams in my top 10 (as well as the AP and coaches poll) there is no way in hell the SEC will not have a team in the title game. The only real question is who will have the honor of getting destroyed by them this year? For the record; I think we will finish the year with four undefeated teams; Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State and Louisville.

The only thing more unimpressive than Ohio State’s undefeated season will be Louisville’s. Both teams have a dog shit schedule and both teams would finish the season with three losses if they played in the SEC. That being said, they’re both a hiccup away from playing for the title. Oregon has a rather uneventful schedule as well, but at least they play USC and Stanford. Again, picking a title game in August is a little much, but I will stand by this predication all season long.

Title Game; Alabama – Oregon

Winner…Roll Tide!

I hope you enjoyed the preview. I had a lot of fun writing it. If you disagree or think I am full of shit just remember one thing; I really don’t know care! Happy Football!!!

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