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by Bryan Z. on August 28, 2014 · 0 comments

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Oh how times flies when you’re enjoying summer. It seems like only yesterday college football season ended and we were forced to endure seven months with a piece of our soul missing. But worry not, my dear friends. The game we all know and love is back, and with a true playoff for the first time in the sports history, it’s better than ever. The long road to the final four starts tonight; but let us not focus on the season as a whole. As I did the previous two seasons, I will bring you my rock solid picks of the week.  Unlike seasons past, this year starts with a bang from the very beginning. Typically it’s brutal trying to find four week one games to pick. This year I actually had to debate what games I should pick. With so many great games to choose from I’ll need to be in mid-season form to start the year off right and make a splash. Here are the best four games of the week. And welcome, to another season, of the best sport in the country.


No. 21 Texas A&M at No. 9 South Carolina (Thursday Night Game)AM vs SOUTH CAROLINA

WOW – A top 25 match up to kick off the season? This seems like it’s too good to be true…and it is. While A&M might start the season ranked in the top 25 I can assure you they will not finish there. This game looks great on paper, and get’s an over hyped SEC conference another undeserving team in the top 25 to start the year, but this is pure smoke and mirrors. A&M begins life without Johnny Football. They also begin life without two other players (Evans & Matthews) selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Long story short, it’s about to get real for the Aggies. Enjoy that top 25 ranking while you can, because I see four losses in your not too distant future.

South Carolina 33 Texas A&M 21

West Virginia vs. No. 2 Alabama*WV vs ALABAMA

Speaking of SEC teams that lost a ton of players at key positions. Alabama lost seven guys to the NFL draft. Now, I realize that Nick Saban is still there, and honestly he is worth double the amount of kids he loses to the NFL every year. But one position that even the great Saban can’t win without is quarterback. The Crimson Tide lost long time leader and trigger man of the offense A.J. McCarron.  I guess they can plug in the next five star recruit they have on campus, but that doesn’t always translate to on field production. I am very tempted to pick West Virginia in this game, but I have more faith in Saban than anything the Mountaineers have done in the past 25 years.

Alabama 24 West Virginia 16

No. 16 Clemson at No. 12 GeorgiaCLEMSON v GEORGIA

Now here is a match-up worthy of the rankings each team carries. Both teams have a lot to prove having lost a ton of talent to the NFL. Clemson is fresh off of a great season with a huge bowl win, but they lost a ton of talent and explosiveness on the offensive side of the ball. Compared to Clemson, Georgia got off light in terms of losing players.  The Bulldogs lost this game last year, in a wild shoot out for the ages. They then went on to lose four other games, including their bowl game to an average Nebraska team. I think Georgia gets their revenge and uses this game as a spring board to an appearance in the SEC title game.

Georgia 35 Clemson 27

No. 14 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 LSU*WISC v LSU

Can you say ‘slobber knocker’. This has the very real potential of being the ugliest college football game of all time. If you like lack of offense, bad quarterbacks and hard hitting football than this game is for you. This game also gives the Big Ten a chance to put on their big boy pants and start to take a positive step in the right direction. However, if history is any indication, the B10 is going to get bitch slapped in this game. If this game was an on paper talent competition Wisconsin would just wave the white flag. LSU routinely has top 10 and 5 recruiting classes nationally. Wisconsin hasn’t had a recruiting class ranked in the top 25 in the past five years. They also haven’t had a skill guy drafted in the first round since…hell I don’t know! I’ll take history and LSU for the square and game.

LSU 35 Wisconsin 17

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