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by Bryan Z. on October 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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Alright, last week was a little better showing by yours truly. I went 2 – 2 with my weekly picks putting me at 2 for 5 on the season.  Keep in mind I didn’t start writing for Junior D Sports until two weeks ago. That’s not going to pay the bills, but at least I’m trending in the right direction. I said last week I wasn’t very confident picking Texas over Oklahoma, but I must admit, I didn’t think Texas would have a complete no-show for a second straight year. I also said I wouldn’t be surprised if LSU beat South Carolina. Well… SURPRISE! This really only means two things: First, I am really good at hedging my bets, and second, picking winners for the best games of the week is hard, but you already knew that. With another great week of college football upon us, I have regrouped and refocused. I am ready to once again blow your mind, WOW you, excite you, and make you feel all the love college football has to offer. Hmmmm…let’s move on!


6 LSU at No. 18 Texas A&M

This is a very interesting matchup. LSU is coming off their big win against South Carolina, and Texas A&M is coming off of their shoot-out against Louisiana Tech. Yes A&M is 5-1, but the only thing less impressive than their win over Louisiana Tech are the rest of their wins this season. The Aggies played tough against Florida, but that game still resulted in a loss. This game will boil down to one thing: the LSU running game. I think the Tigers are going to pound the football down the Aggies throat. This game will look a lot like their game last week against the Gamecocks. A&M will put up a fight, but in the end, LSU is just too physical.


LSU 24 Texas A&M 17


No. 7 South Carolina at No. 2 Florida

It seems every week there is a can’t miss game in the SEC.  This  week is no exception. Florida is riding high after starting the season undefeated and ranked 2nd in the BCS poll. South Carolina is STILL licking its wounds from being pushed around by LSU. Just like last week, both teams have an average offense with a lights out defense. Florida also has the HUGE advantage of playing this game at home. The old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”   I just don’t see how South Carolina can win this game. I still think Florida is overrated, but they’re good enough to win this week.


Florida 20 South Carolina 16


No. 4 Kansas State at No. 13 West Virginia

Oh what could have been. If only West Virginia had taken care of business last week against Texas Tech. Instead, their offense took the week off, and their defense…well, at least they’re consistent. Even with the Mountaineers getting their doors blown off last week, this is still a very difficult game to pick. The smart money will be on Klein and KSU, but I’m terrible with money. Wanting to pick Kansas State isn’t the same thing as thinking they can actually win the game. Morgantown is going to be rockin’, and there is no way WVU gets held to 14 points again. If the Mountaineers can hold Kansas State to under 50 points, they win!!!


West Virginia 55 Kansas State 45


Michigan State at Michigan

Brady Hoke broke Michigan’s drought against Ohio State, but he was unable to do so against Michigan State last year. This is another difficult game to pick as rivalry games always are. I don’t believe this is as cut and dry as the national pundits do. I think Michigan State is more than capable of winning this game even after sleep walking through the past two weeks. But again, wanting to pick Michigan State to win the game isn’t the same thing as thinking they can actually do it. Everyone has said Michigan found their stride, but it’s easy to find it against Illinois and Purdue.  I’ll take Michigan in this game, but between you and me, I hope I go 3-1 on my picks this week.


Michigan 23 Michigan State 16

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