Why RBs Are More Important Than Ever

by Junior D on May 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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Every year we all take to different websites, watch every fantasy football show and listen to every talking head so we can prepare to make a championship run in our league. This year is no different; but I will tell you why it is even more important than ever to draft your starting RBs earlier than normal.

If you have always used early picks to draft RBs then you’re all good. If you’re on the “it’s a passing league now” band wagon then this is for you. Here are the reasons you need to jump on RBs early and often during your fantasy football draft this year.

First, because the NFL is a passing league, the RB position has become an afterthought to many teams. The number of teams that hold the running game in high regard are dwindling. That’s why you need to jump on RBs that play for teams that still run the ball well and are truly committed to the running game.

Second, most teams are going to a RB by committee system. You need to snag starting RBs like Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. These RBs along with a few others are on teams that still run the ball consistently and effectively. They’re also not in offenses that run the ball by committee. Go through each team’s roster and see which teams have the committee system and stay away from those backs in the early rounds.

Lastly, the other guys in your league are probably going after QBs and WRs. Don’t freak out when QBs and WRs start flying off the board. Last year I walked away from the first two rounds with Matt Forte and Alfred Morris but was still able to grab Matt Stafford, Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon in the later rounds. Because NFL teams are passing more the depth at QB and WR are much deeper than quality starting RBs. Let other guys in your league go after the big name QB; there will be plenty of quality QBs in later rounds.

If you’re nervous about using your first pick or two on RBs, look at guys like Matt Forte and Jamaal Charles. Not only are these guys great fantasy RBs for rushing yards but they also get used more in their offenses passing game than other RBs.

I know it’s only May but you can never be too prepared for fantasy football.

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