What’s the Difference Between Us

by Mike Rudd on May 2, 2013 · 2 comments

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I think Dre, Eminem, and Xzibit said it best in their rap song when they said how about “Five bank accounts and three vehicles.” (Video)  I certainly can’t compete with that and don’t have anything in common with them.

The same goes for the difference between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics.  They have nothing in common and they never will.

The New York Knicks in case you didn’t see were up 3 games to 1 on Boston headed back to Madison Square Garden for what should have easily been a wrap up of the series.  I mean Boston was fortunate to get back to New York for a Game 5 and avoid getting swept on their own court.

After all the Knicks were the #2 seed in the East, the Celtics literally don’t have a point guard anymore and their two best players are OLD, and the Knicks simply outgunned, outplayed, and outmanned the Celtics in the first three games of the series.

But here’s the difference…

The Knicks are weak minded and flashy while the Celtics are smart, hungry, gritty, and will NEVER EVER quit.  And that’s why the series is going at least six games.

The Knicks decided as a team to all wear black to the game because they were to quote Kenyon Martin “Headed to Boston’s funeral.”  Instead the Celtics outhustled, outshot, and outplayed the Knicks all game long and sent them home feeling stupid.

The Knicks settled for long range jump shots while Doc Rivers was high fiving his squad at every time out and pushing them to get after every loose ball.

Knicks Coach Mike Woodson was spotted the night BEFORE game 5 at the Yankees game.  Where do you think Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce were??  Breaking down film for the next game or drinking beers at Fenway Park??  I’ll let you guess which one you think.

This Celtics team no matter how much it changes or whoever gets hurt plays off of Rivers, Garnett, and Pierce and it shows.  They are resilient and when faced with adversity they thrive.  They have won one NBA title, would have won a second if K Perkins hadn’t torn his ACL in game 6 against the Lakers, been to multiple conference finals, and it took the single best individual performance in the NBA since Michael Jordan hung it up (Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals last year in Boston by Lebron James) to keep them from going to the NBA finals instead of the eventual champs the Miami Heat.

Bottom line is this…

In sports, life, and work both professionally and personally put your nose to the grindstone each and every day.  Enjoy yourself and be confident but don’t be cocky.  Never quit until the final bell has rung and never discount who may be trying to take your “lunch money.”

These characteristics associate with the Celtics.  This is what I want to be known for by those who know me each day, not someone who counts his winnings before the buzzer sounds.

Will the Knicks win the series??  Probably.  As they should.  They are a way better team.

But the Celtics have officially shown once again they are stronger in the mind than the Knicks will ever be.


Mike Rudd (@marketingmiker on twitter) is an Author, Speaker, Sports Marketing Specialist, and Hot Dog Extraordinaire!  He can be found at www.marketingfunwithmike.com and his new book Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun can be found on Amazon.  Yes you can get one of those sweet hot dog costumes off the Internet just like Mike did; they help meet girls when you go out.

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