Two Down…Not Six, Not Seven to Go

by Bryan Z. on June 21, 2013 · 0 comments

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The Miami Heat repeated as NBA Champions last night with a solid game seven victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Game seven went down like the rest of the series; it was hard fought and by the end you weren’t really sure if the best team won. Still, you need to tip your cap to The Heat. This series was a rollercoaster of emotions; from a heart breaking game one loss, to getting their doors blown off in game three, to not winning back to back games all series until it counted the most. The Heat (and the Spurs for that matter) left everything on the floor. And they left us with the best NBA finals in  years.

I have never been a bigger NBA fan in my whole life than I am right now. It all started for me when LeBron left the mistake by the lake and took his talents to South Beach. I couldn’t understand why everyone was killing the guy. All he wanted was to play on a team that could actually win a title. All he wanted was a little help. Now that he has it, what is the result? How about back to back titles? That is just one of many take aways from the NBA finals. The devil is in the details, so here they are…

Tony Parker – this guy is quickly becoming my favorite NBA player. All he does is get into the lane, score points, dish the rock and make everyone around him better. There is no crying in his game. There is no bitching or looking for a call from the officials. He is all class and business.

The Spurs – Even with an aging Tim Duncan the Spurs are built for the long haul. If Greg Popovich sticks around there is no reason why the Spurs can’t win a few more titles. Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal, Danny Green and Tony Parker give the Spurs a solid foundation for years to come.

The Bad Heat – The Heat won this series in spite of the fact that Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers are a disgrace to the game of basketball. The Heat have a tough off season ahead of them. They need to get rid of Bosh and take whatever anyone is willing to give them. They also need a point guard that doesn’t turn the ball over every nine seconds and take awful shots. Either way, Bosh and Chalmers should thank the basketball gods for their unearned and undeserved titles or they should just take James and Wade out to a really expensive dinner.

The Good Heat – The Heat are clearly at their best when James and Wade are doing their thing but you can’t win with just two players. Jordan and Pippin couldn’t do it, neither can this duo. Enter Shane Battier. Battier is a tough guy to figure out. He’ll go an entire series without being heard from, then when you least expect it, he’ll go 6-7 from the arch and play insane defense. Ditto for Bird Man. He played great defense in game seven and cleaned up the boards all night long. The Heat do not win this series without those two guys.

Dwayne Wade – I guess this dog still has some bite. So much for Wade being hurt or old. He played out of this mind in games six and seven and showed why he is a future hall of famer and one of the best two guards of all time. He needs to take the next eight weeks off to do nothing but sleep. But after that, he’ll back and we’re all better for it.

LeBron James – I could write a story everyday for the rest of my life and talk about how amazing this man is. It wouldn’t do any good. The haters will still hate. I just hope people realize they’re watching the best player of all time and they appreciate that it’s happening in their life time.

Live by the three; die by the three – The Spurs (namely Green and Neal) where unreal from the three point line. No matter how hot you are, you will not shot 65% from the arch every game. The law of inevitability finally caught up with the Spurs in game seven. They were pedestrian from outside which lead to a lot of easy rebounds for the Heat.

South Beach will be rockin’ for the next few weeks. James and Wade can bask in the glory of what they have put together and accomplished. Bosh and Chalmers should be put on the first bus out of town. The Spurs are left to do what the rest of the NBA must; figure out a way to stop what is happening in South Beach. Good luck with that!


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