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They say quarterbacks get too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose.  If you don’t believe that, then check out the career stats of 2 quarterbacks that we are going to call “A” and “B” for now.


Winning %
























If you are into stats like completion %, yards per attempt and yards per game, then you have to give the nod to B over A.  The 81.6 QB rating for A ranks him 46th all time while the 95.5 QB rating for B is 4th best in the history of the NFL trailing only Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Steve Young.  Some think that a quarterback is there to just manage a game and not give it away by throwing the ball to the other team.  If that is the case, then A was clearly more careless with his throws than B.  This may explain why B has a higher career winning % as a starting QB than A does.  After all, it is all about winning especially if you are a QB.

The stats don’t lie.  B has the advantage over A in every statistical category including winning % and it isn’t even close in INTs and QB rating.  The more you look at these numbers the easier it is to see why one of these QBs is in the NFL Hall of Fame and the other is considered a loser that his own fans don’t even want.  The unbelievable part about looking at these numbers in the fact that QB A is the guy in the Hall of Fame and B is the guy that gets ripped on sports talk radio stations all over the country.  Who are these quarterbacks?  A is Troy Aikman and B is Tony Romo.  So how is it that Aikman is a Hall of Famer and everyone thinks Romo sucks?  Go back to the very first sentence of this article; too much credit for winning and too much blame for losing.

For a 4 year stretch, the Dallas Cowboys were one of the greatest football teams in NFL history.  They were the 1st team to win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years which is a feat that has only been matched once.  Did the Cowboys win solely on the arm of Troy Aikman?  Hell no.  The Cowboys had arguably the best running attack and one of the best defenses in the NFL.  During their 4 year run, the Cowboys ranked 5th,2nd, 5th & 2nd in rushing yards.  Since Romo has been the starter in Dallas, the highest the Cowboys ranked in rushing yards was 7th and in the rest of his seasons they were 13th or worse.  As for the defense, from 1992-1995 the Cowboys ranked 1st in total defense twice and they were in the top 5 in scoring defense every year.  The Cowboys have never been higher than 8th in total defense with Romo and they have been in the top 10 of scoring defense only 1 time.  It is a lot easier to play quarterback when you have a great defense and half of your offense is handing the ball off to the all-time NFL leading rusher.  I am not saying that Aikman was a bad QB but he certainly gets more credit than he deserves for playing on a great team for 4 years.

The arguments against Romo are that he makes too many bad decisions and can’t get it done in the playoffs.  First, let’s look at what is perceived as Romo’s carelessness with the ball.  Does he force a lot of throws, yes, but he has to because he doesn’t have the luxury of handing the ball to Emmitt Smith 20 times per game.  Even with that being said, Romo’s TD/INT ratio is 1.9 and Aikman’s was 1.2.  What about Romo’s famous 1-3 record in the playoffs?  Well this might be the most shocking stat of all.  If you exclude the 4 years from 92-95 when the Cowboys were dominant, Aikman’s playoff record was 1-3 and that was with Emmitt Smith lined up behind him.  So to all of the Cowboys fans out there that think Romo is the only thing stopping Dallas from winning the Super Bowl, I got news for you.  Your QB doesn’t suck, the rest of your team does.  Tell your GM to get him some help so he doesn’t have to carry the entire team all the time.

As for the big showdown between the Redskins and Cowboys on Thanksgiving, there are few numbers you should consider before calling your bookie to take the points.  The Cowboys are 15-7 ATS in their last 22 games on Thanksgiving.  Romo’s career record as a starter in the month of November is 21-3 and he is 15-9 ATS.  On Thanksgiving Romo is 5-0 with a 4-1 record ATS.  I hope Tony can keep the trend going because lord knows he isn’t going to get much help.

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