Time to Live Your Dreams That Went Away

by Mike Rudd on October 30, 2013 · 0 comments

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Remember when you had dreams.  When you were a kid…well it’s time to start living those dreams that went away.

Oh you know what I am talking about, when someone used to ask you a question like…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I want to be a baseball player for the Yankees!

I want to coach the LA Lakers!

Play in the NFL, own an NHL team, have my own radio show about soccer, be in charge of the Olympics, etc.

When did we all stop dreaming about being professional athletes or working in that realm?  Was it when we got cut from a sport in high school or didn’t receive a scholarship in college?

Was it when we were told that it was safer to be an engineer instead of going into sports management?

It’s time to start to live your dreams that went away years ago.  Uncover them, rediscover them, and stop doing something you think sucks and start doing something that you love each and every day!

Look it’s not easy and it will be a grind.  But life is a grind…and you might as well grind towards a payoff of something that you truly believe in or makes you happy each and every day instead of some crappy job where a boss treats you no better than the paint that is peeling in his oversized office.

There are options for you.  There are ways to make an impact again both on your life and the lives of all those around you.

Your dreams don’t have to stay dead; the dreams that went away can come back!

Here’s the deal:

I worked at a hot dog stand in college.  I paid my way through school working at the hot dog stand and wound up selling over 75,000 hot dogs.  I loved that job and the hot dog stand taught me to never work in a career that I didn’t love.  I firmly believe each and every one of us has a hot dog stand in their lives.

How do you find it?

My new E Book that I just finished titled “When can I KETCHUP and find my Hot Dog Stand?” is a step by step process that will help you get closer to being Charles Barkely on TNT than Peter Gibbons in Office Space.

Plus the E Book is FREE if you sign up for my newsletter!  That’s right it’s FREE plus you get a monthly inspirational podcast each month in my newsletter and no spam…unless I put some in one of my hot dog recipes!

Or you can buy it on Amazon Kindle for $.99 cents!  For less than one dollar you can be on your way to recreating those dreams that went away.

Give it a go!

Junior D Sports are some bad ass dudes that are friends of mine and I truly appreciate letting me guest post on here today!

I hope you sign up for my newsletter HERE and get the new E Book for free or snag it on Amazon HERE for less than a buck!

And if you have questions, comments, help, etc hit me up!

Thanks Junior D Sports…now get back to talking smack!


Mike Rudd
Author. Speaker. Sports Marketing Specialist. Hot Dog Extraordinaire, Lover of all things AJ Green
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