Tiger, Great For Golf

by Junior D on July 2, 2012 · 0 comments

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Many saw Tiger Woods win on Sunday. Going into Sunday Tiger was down by one shot and came back to take his 3rd title in 2012 and his 74th win overall.

Not only did Tiger win the AT&T National, the sport of golf won. On Sunday the AT&T National drew an overnight rating of 4.6, an increase of 188% over last year. Tiger had everything to do with that.

While Tiger was away from golf the rating for the PGA slumped to all time lows. Even when Tiger came back and was playing poorly the ratings shot back up. Now with Tiger winning his 3rd tournament of the year expect the ratings to continue to soar and golf to be back in the topic of conversation.

While Tiger was away the talk was ‘who is going to be the next Tiger?’ The answer? TIGER WOODS! There is no next Tiger. That’s like saying who is going to be the next Jordan. There can be no next MJ or Tiger. These guys have taken their sports to all time highs. No one will ever have that affect again. There will never be another golfer to double and triple the TV ratings.

Tiger is so polarizing. There are so many people on both sides of the Tiger Woods arguement that everyone watches to see Tiger win or lose. It’s much like Howard Stern during the height of his popularity. People that loved him or hated him listened to hear what he would say next. Tiger is animated. He is foul mouthed and he is almost completely back to the dominant player he was a few years ago.

Does Tiger Woods still strike fear into the hearts of golfers? He should. Not too long ago every golfer on the tour was playing for second place and they knew it. Since Tiger’s return, golfers on the PGA Tour haven’t had that healthy fear of Tiger. They should start. Woods is slowly coming back to his old winning ways. The more confident Woods becomes the more dangerous he will be.

There were people that actually said that Tiger would never win another tournament again. They were saying that Tiger, the elite golfer, is dead. If those people haven’t eaten a little piece of humble pie, they soon will be. This won’t be an overnight comeback…he has proven that. He will become feared again and that time is just about here.

I’m glad Tiger has played well. He’s mixed in some stinkers but you can see his confidence coming back and that’s good for everyone. The PGA, the fans, and advertisers will all benefit from a great Tiger Woods. I will actually be able to watch a whole weekend of golf again without questioning who to root for because all the other golfers in the PGA are stiffs. No emotion, just tip of the cap, pick up the ball and move on…that’s why ratings are down when Tiger’s not involved. These other golfers probably all wear tighty-whities, make love with their socks on, the lights off and in the missionary position every time. They are so boring and predictable.

Congrats to Tiger…hopefully there is more to come.

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