The Three Stooges

by Junior D on January 23, 2014 · 0 comments

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Cleveland Browns fans are some of the most loyal and forgiving people on the planet. Some would call them sadistic for continuing to support a team that seemingly tries to crush their dreams every year. What do these supremely loyal fans get in return for purchasing game tickets, merchandise and over priced concessions? A circus every offseason that leaves their beloved Browns as the laughing stock of the league. A revolving door at every position from QB to head coach to the GM and even ownership.

After the Browns were sold to Jimmy Haslam even I thought that they were on their way back to relevance. Haslam came from the Steelers organization and he was a billionaire ready to open his checkbook and make the Browns organization better. He had a right hand man in Joe Banner that would become the CEO of the Browns and help with hiring the right people to get the Browns back to the Promised Land.

I soon realized (as did many others) that Haslam, even though he had been a minority owner in the Steelers, had no idea how to run an NFL franchise on his own. Joe Banner, who was supposed to be Haslam’s football personnel guru, had no idea who and how to hire a GM or coach.  They got rid of the previous regime because they weren’t “their guys” and brought in their own people who included Michael Lombardi – who had been out of the game since 2008. With the three stooges in place they didn’t draft a QB or WR and they expected different results. They gave a 53 man roster of misfit toys to Rob Chudzinski and expected miracles. Then, when Chud wanted some say in personnel after one season they showed him the door.

Since that horrible decision the Cleveland Browns head coaching position has become the talk of the town for prospective head coach candidates and not in a good way. Rumors have circulated that coaching prospects have called Chudzinski to get his thoughts on the job and he hasn’t pulled any punches. He has basically told anyone who would listen that the Browns job has the cooties and not to go near it. Even horrible prospects like Josh McDaniels have declined the position after hearing that they would have no say in player personnel and they would not even be invited to participate in the draft.

My question is WHO WANTS THIS JOB? The only person that has come out and said that they would take the job is former Ohio State Buckeye head coach, Jim Tressel. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tressel when he was at Ohio State but at this point what do the Browns have to lose except more games?

The Browns have become a worse organization than the Raiders. Jimmy Haslam has taken advantage of the loyalty of the Browns fans. He knows that as long as there is a team in Cleveland he will make money. The fans are in a difficult position too…if they do what is right and stop buying tickets then Haslam will move the team to Los Angeles. If they continue to show support and attend every abortion that they call football in Cleveland then you suffer through an eternity of losing and bitter disappointment.

My solution for Browns fans is to stop supporting a team that doesn’t support you…divorce your team and find a new, prettier one. The only different between a marital divorce and divorcing the Browns is that you’ll end up saving more money in the long run by divorcing the Browns. Let them move to Los Angeles and lose money like every other team that called their home the City of Angels. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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