The Lion King

by Bryan Z. on January 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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It would appear Penn State Head Coach Bill O’Brien is on his way out. According to several suits at ESPN, Coach O’Brian has agreed to become the next head coach for the Houston Texans. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Billy was not long for State College. With his deep ties to the NFL and tremendous success at a school that was riddled with NCAA sanctions and violations, it was only a matter of time before he made the jump back into the big league. The only surprising part of this situation is the vile reaction from Penn State students, fans and alumni. They once again prove they are classless without one ounce of common sense or decency.

Everyone is well aware of the situation that took place at Penn State. There is no need to relive that historically awful moment here or in any other article choosing to chastise Penn State fans for the unwarranted hatred toward O’Brien. Still, it needs to be made crystal clear that Bill O’Brien is the single greatest coach and person in the history of Penn State football.

That opinion will likely be very unpopular with the closed-minded, cover-up artists at Penn State. How can a man that coached just two years at a school be the most important coach in school history? Especially at a place where Joe Paterno roamed the sidelines for years. Well, Joe Paterno is exactly what makes Bill O’Brien so damn important.

No other coach in the country wanted the Penn State job after Joe and his band of misfit coaches left. The program, the school, the administration were so toxic that it made Chernobyl look like a couch fire. How could anyone have success in such a toxic environment? Enter Billy O and a new definition of success.

Not only did Coach O’Brien keep a sinking ship afloat; he weathered the storm and rebuilt the name and reputation of a once proud program. He recruited at the highest level Penn State had seen in years; promising kids nothing but a chance to play and maybe a shot at the next level. He certainly couldn’t offer them bowl games or titles to play for. He won with walk-ons, he developed players at a higher level than the “old” (pun intended) coaching staff did, and he was a strong enough force to limit the amount of players that transferred to only a handful. Long story short; he didn’t just save Penn State football, he resurrected it. He gave it life it hadn’t seen in years.

Instead of lynching the guy for doing what’s best for him and his career, try thanking him. Try opening your eyes to what is going on around you. It’s called perspective, not that college football fans have a lot of that in the first place. Just this once, try to do the right thing and thank the man on this way out the door. If it wasn’t for him, your ungrateful selves would have nothing to complain about. 

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