The Brady Manning Comparison

by Junior D on January 18, 2014 · 0 comments

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With the Conference Championships games coming up and the matchup between Manning and Brady (once again) there has been much talk about who the best QB is…Manning or Brady. I have been a Manning homer since I can remember so I will always say Manning. Yes, my bias does come into play but we aren’t talking about wins and losses when we talk about who the best at a certain position would be. Some people want to talk about rings or playoff wins but the answer isn’t there. There are too many variables that come into play and you can’t compare using those stats.

You could say that Brady has done more with less talent on offense but to that you can also say that Manning, throughout his career has had to do more with his offense because of the poor defenses that he played with. To that fact I could also say that Brady had some of the best defenses in the NFL during their three Super Bowl victories, meanwhile during Manning’s one Super Bowl victory run the Colts defense just got hot at the right time. I could also point out that even when Brady had, what some have called the best offense with Randy Moss he couldn’t get it done against a Giants team with less talent.

When I look at these two quarterbacks I see, not only, two different styles but two throwbacks to Joe Montana and Dan Marino. This was the same argument from when I was a kid. Marino always got overlooked because of the rings and playoff losses. Marino and Manning are in the same category in my book. The fate of the whole franchise has rested on these two throughout their careers. While Montana and Brady have had organizations who built very good defenses to compliment the offense so they didn’t have to score 40 points every game to win, Marino and Manning were given very good weapons (often times with no running threat) and a lack luster defense that couldn’t stop a high school team. The coaching nod also goes to both Montana and Brady…that’s also one of those overlooked insights that means more than most stats.

The argument of who the best quarterback is will go on forever and I’m not a huge fan of these arguments because neither side can convince the other that they’re right. The next time you watch Brady or Manning on the field watch how they play THEIR position, not everybody else’s. Manning is an offensive coordinator on the field. He has always been asked to do more than any other quarterback in the NFL. Call the plays, score a ton of points to give the defense a cushion and do that without a consistent threat of a running game (until he got to the Broncos).

You can weigh in with your opinion but if I’m starting a franchise and I need a QB to build around, Peyton Manning is my guy every time, no questions asked.

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