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JDS Podcast Episode 116: The Masters, NBA and the NFL

by Junior D April 14, 2015
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This week Lou and Junior D discuss The Masters, did Tiger have a successful weekend, the NBA, Kentucky Derby, NFL draft and other NFL news and notes. As always, this is an unfiltered, explicit podcast…yes, we do use foul language so if you are not comfortable with foul language or adult situations then don’t listen. […]

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The Networks Make a Mess of the Masters

by Bryan Z. April 15, 2013
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I have been looking forward to The Masters since the first flake of fluffy, white snow fell on Columbus back in November last year. We’ve already talked about the lifeless vacuum that sports has become after the Super Bowl ends in early February. All you can do during those dark weeks in the cold of […]

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Tiger Drops It Like It’s Hot

by Junior D April 13, 2013
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I don’t watch a lot of golf on TV but I do keep up on the Masters. Since watching everything that has happened with the Tiger Woods’ “illegal drop” and subsequent ruling of a two-stroke penalty, I now hate golf even more. Golf’s rules are stupid, vague and the announcers are even dumber than the […]

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February Hang Over

by Bryan Z. March 1, 2013
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Today is March 1st, which means February is officially behind us. Although it’s the shortest month of the year, if you’re a sports fan, February feels like an eternity. The world of sports literally comes to a screeching halt. Even with the best efforts of the NFL to bleed its season into a month that […]

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