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CBJ: The Hits Keep On Coming

by Rich M January 21, 2015
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It has been the definition of this season for the CBJ…Sergei Bobrovsky is the next Blue Jackets player to go down during the game in Winnipeg Wednesday night. At the timeĀ of writing this there isn’t an official diagnosis, but at first look it appears to be a muscle pull of some kind in his leg. […]

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Heaven On Earth

by Rich M April 27, 2014
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November 5, 2011 was probably a normal Saturday in my life. Probably got up and drank some coffee, did the family thing and got home in time for the Philadelphia-Columbus game at 7 that night. The only reason this night is memorable is because this was the low point for this franchise. They lost 9-2 […]

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CBJ: Lost

by Rich M December 1, 2013
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The Jackets are now 27 games into the season and they appear worse for the wear. Saturday night in the TD Garden they came out and competed hard for approximately 20 minutes on their way to an uninspiring 3-1 loss. The other 40 minutes was a mixture of poor execution and complete dominance by the […]

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