NFL coaching changes

NFL Coaching Carrousel Open For Business

by Junior D December 31, 2013
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It’s that time of year again. It’s the end of the NFL’s regular season and the aftermath of the mass firings of head coaches. The Monday following the final regular season is so eloquently referred to as ‘Black Monday.’ There may be more firings to come but the count is held at 5 for right […]

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Buffalo Bills Hire Doug Marrone…Why?

by Junior D January 6, 2013

As a fan of the NFL, I am not impressed with anything I saw on Saturday. The Bengals offense decided not to show up and the Vikings quarterback, Joe Webb, proved that you can’t play quarterback with a loaded diaper. Sunday has started off no different. I woke up, got a cup of coffee and […]

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Lame Duck

by Bryan Z. January 3, 2013

Here we are, only a few days removed from one of the darkest days in sports, the NFL’s “Black Monday.” Seven coaches were given pink slips before the ink was even dry on them. Some knew it was coming. Others may have been caught a little by surprise. Either way, the unemployment rate spiked on […]

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