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Zig’s College Football Top 10

by Bryan Z. October 22, 2012

So here we are past the 8th week of the college football season, and the national title picture is still murky at best. Heading into this past weekend, there were certainly plenty of chances for a major shake-up in the Top 10, but this weekend turned out to be more about exploiting the pretenders than […]

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NCAA Playoff System Needs Work

by Junior D June 30, 2012

So the NCAA has finally decided on a playoff. That’s great. Here’s the problem…the NCAA still wants to have control of who gets in and who is left behind. I’m excited to see a playoff but this system will need tweaking. Too many people are on one side or the other. I am in the […]

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Diary of a Douchebag – Mark Emmert

by Junior D June 3, 2012
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Dear Diary, Can’t everything just stay the same? Why are the fans, conferences, media and school presidents putting me in this position? I don’t know why college football has to change. Why does everyone want a playoff? I like the fact that everyone in the country talks about college football for ten months out of […]

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