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MLB: National League Preview

by Bill M April 7, 2015
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Welcome to MLB 2015!  Here’s a quick outlook for each team.  I’ll tackle them in order by my predicted order, starting with the National League today. NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST WASHINGTON NATIONALS Really going out on a limb with this one.  After signing the belle of the ball free agent Max Scherzer this offseason, the Nationals […]

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MLB Fantasy Breakdown: Miami Marlins

by Junior D February 26, 2014
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NOTE: The MLB team write-ups are based on my preparation for my fantasy season rather than trying to breakdown teams with a focus on actual MLB.  The main fantasy format I play is Scoresheet baseball, which is a simulation service, so skills are more important that counting numbers for me.  But, a good player is […]

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2013 National League Mid Season Report

by Bill M July 10, 2013
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NL EAST           Huh, what do you know?  Sitting pretty with this division. WHAT WENT RIGHT Everything?  All of the teams were predicted in the correct order, but how they got there has been a little different than I expected.  So, I won’t belabor you by patting myself on the back […]

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Recommended MLB Game

by Bill M April 18, 2013
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The Marlins/Reds game in Cincinnati this evening features two intriguing young pitchers that I can’t wait to see lock horns: Jose Fernandez for the Marlins and Tony Cingrani for the Reds. Fernandez is a consensus Top 10 prospect in all of baseball who was surprisingly thrust into the Miami rotation when both Nate Eovaldi and […]

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MLB Predictions 2013

by Bill M April 2, 2013
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The last thing I want to do is emulate the ESPN Radio buffoons Mike & Mike, so I cannot call these “predictions sure to go wrong.”  I guess I’ll call them predictions that will piss me off in October. We can grind and grind on these things, but that’s probably the best thing about baseball, […]

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MLB Breakdown: Miami Marlins

by Bill M February 24, 2013
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Another firesale engineered by the despicable Jeffrey Lauria?  The Marlins are re-building again?  What a surprise!  Hurray for Miami! It’s a good thing the residents of Miami-Dade county invested over half a billion dollars in a brand new state of the art stadium for that POS Lauria…er, wait, no, it’s a disaster.  He is a […]

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An Abomination

by Bill M November 16, 2012

Marlins owner Jeff Loria has always been a clown; the crazy uncle everyone hopes won’t show up for Christmas but always does.  He’s made a mockery of the league with firesale after firesale and criminally low MLB roster salaries.  He fired his manager for rightfully calling him out after he threw a public temper tantrum…and […]

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