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JDS Podcast Episode 202-2: The JDS Weekly Awards

by Junior D April 12, 2017
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Welcome to Junior D Sports Weekly Awards Show! Most shows do yearly awards but we decided that a weekly awards show is so much better. Our weekly awards will consist of the Douche of the Week, Criminal of the Week and the Beast of the Week. We also have out Thank You segment at the […]

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JDS Podcast Episode 129: What’s Going On at Florida State

by Junior D July 14, 2015
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In this week’s episode Lou and Junior D get into the problems at Florida State and what needs to happen to fix all of the issues. We also get into the mess in the NBA between DeAndre Jordan and Mark Cuban. In the NFL segment we talk about the best and worst fans, Greg Hardy’s […]

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Junior D Sports Podcast – Episode #20

by Junior D March 25, 2013
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Welcome to episode #20 of the JDS Podcast! The NCAA Tournament is in full swing, NFL Free Agency has set the table for the draft and we have officially passed the slow season for sports. Zig and I jump in with both feet! As always, this is an unfiltered, explicit podcast…yes, we do foul language […]

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Stay Classy, Mr. Cuban

by Bryan Z. March 21, 2013
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People say money can’t buy happiness. If you’re Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, truer words have never been spoken. Billionaires by their very nature are eccentric. They didn’t gain their massive fortune by being nice or all together pleasant to be around. They’re ruthless, surly businessmen with lofty goals for themselves and the people they […]

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Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch Slaps Skip Bayless

by Junior D June 24, 2012

There is no one more pompous and arrogant in the sports media than Skip Bayless. There is no owner that is more willing to take people to task and look at things from every angle than Mark Cuban. When these two met on the set of ESPN’s First Take on Friday, Mark Cuban took Skip […]

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