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The Media’s Three Card Monte

by Junior D December 20, 2013
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I know that everyone is all over this Duck Dynasty story that seems to be the new flavor of the month. It got me thinking about these “big” stories in sports that fade out almost as quickly as they hit Facebook and Twitter. Since the whole Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin story broke, every sensitivity expert gave […]

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Armstrong Shows His True Colors

by Junior D January 20, 2013

With so many stories floating around in the sports world, it’s great to be writing and running a sports website. I have covered Lance Armstrong in the past and have received many hate emails and comments about my perception of him. I have never discounted the amount of money and awareness that Armstrong has brought […]

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Why Does Everyone Still Love Lance Armstrong?

by Junior D October 18, 2012

Since the first time everyone heard of Lance Armstrong and his comeback story from cancer, we all fell in love with him. Everyone bought all of his yellow Live Strong merchandise and his story of perseverance. Since then, we have found out something that we already should have known…he cheated and so did everyone else […]

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