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Media Days and Confused

by Bryan Z. February 2, 2013
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America’s favorite holiday is upon us. Super Bowl Sunday promises to be one of the best in recent memory. There is nothing worse than a Super Bowl that has to manufacture drama, but unlike some other Super Bowls, this one has oodles of real drama. This game, for the first time in NFL history, will […]

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Junior D’s Super Bowl Prediction

by Junior D February 2, 2013
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As ‘Super Sunday’ gets closer there are more people making their Super Bowl predictions. From what I’ve seen and heard the Ravens are getting more love than I thought they would. This happens just about every year. As the game gets closer, the underdog seems to get more love. This has driven the point spread […]

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Do You Have to be a Dick to be a Successful Head Coach in Today’s NFL?

by Howie Decker January 22, 2013

When I was a kid, I wished Don Shula was my grandpa. Sure, it would have been kick-ass to get free Miami Dolphins stuff, visit south Florida a few times a year, and eat steak for free at his restaurant; but those weren’t really the reasons. Don Shula just seemed like such a nice guy. […]

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