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JDS Podcast Episode 107: Super Bowl in Review

by Junior D February 3, 2015
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The Super Bowl is over. The New England Patriots have been crowned kings of the NFL. Lou and I review the Super Bowl including, miscues, great plays and on/off the field issues. We also gloat just a little bit about how we correctly predicted the outcome. Stick around because we also cover the commercials, odds […]

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The Brady Manning Comparison

by Junior D January 18, 2014
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With the Conference Championships games coming up and the matchup between Manning and Brady (once again) there has been much talk about who the best QB is…Manning or Brady. I have been a Manning homer since I can remember so I will always say Manning. Yes, my bias does come into play but we aren’t […]

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Junior D Sports Podcast – Episode #2

by Junior D November 13, 2012
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After a really good response to our first podcast, we figured we’d let the hits keep on coming! Here is our second attempt at the JDS Podcast. In this podcast we discuss: Players and coaches we hate to love and love to hate The possibility that Derek Jeter kills hookers Zig’s Man crush on Tom […]

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