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Michigan Men

by Bryan Z. September 28, 2014
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Ann Harbor is a whore; she is also sad and alone with no end to her anguish in sight. The team she has loved for so many years has forsaken her. The once proud University that gave birth to her is a shell of its former self. Brady Hoke is making a mockery of one […]

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Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross, is a Clown

by Junior D January 24, 2014
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After writing about the Cleveland Browns dysfunction and the coaching candidates passing up the opportunity to be the next Browns head coach, two things happened. First, the Browns hired Mike Pettine, the Buffalo Bills Defensive Coordinator, as their new head coach. Second, I got slammed by many for being too hard on the Browns when […]

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The Three Stooges

by Junior D January 23, 2014
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Cleveland Browns fans are some of the most loyal and forgiving people on the planet. Some would call them sadistic for continuing to support a team that seemingly tries to crush their dreams every year. What do these supremely loyal fans get in return for purchasing game tickets, merchandise and over priced concessions? A circus […]

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The Lion King

by Bryan Z. January 1, 2014
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It would appear Penn State Head Coach Bill O’Brien is on his way out. According to several suits at ESPN, Coach O’Brian has agreed to become the next head coach for the Houston Texans. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Billy was not long for State College. With his deep ties to the […]

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