Thoughts on the 2015 College Football Playoff Rankings

by Lou Willard November 4, 2015
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A few thoughts from the 1st CFB Playoff Poll of 2015: 1. Ohio State Buckeyes: though I feel you should be #1 due to being defending champs and currently undefeated you sluggish play and wrong choice at QB to start year lead to this. The committee proved it last year with OSU that the eye […]

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Zig’s College Football Preview

by Bryan Z. August 23, 2013
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Fresh batteries in the remote? Check. Cold beer waiting? Check. Snacks of the fried and cheesed variety? Check. The next 13 Saturdays of the year cleared with nowhere to be? Check & Check. The 2013 College Football season starts in less than one week. I’ll give you a second to collect yourself…there you go…let’s continue. […]

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