Skip Bayless

by Junior D on January 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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skip baylessSkip Bayless

Born: December 4, 1951

Height: 5’10”

Full Name: John Edward Bayless

College: Vanderbuilt University

Induction: I’m sure when Skip Bayless was a little boy he dreamed of becoming a policeman or maybe even a superhero. He, nor his family, could’ve ever imagined that he would be one of the biggest douchebags on television. Sports fans that watch his show are now dumber for doing so. He is the Mothership’s answer to the unpopular opinion. He can take any topic and argue against logic. He is the grumpy, old, man that lives in his own world. It is impossible that he could ever believe half of the points that he tries to make when it comes to the world of sports. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks put it best when he told Skip that “I don’t think you’re the best 22 at anything….” He went on to say that Skip thinks more of himself than he can prove. I think that’s pretty spot on. Skip isn’t a douche every now and then. He is a douche everyday and night. For that we give Skip Bayless the first EVER Junior D Sports Douche Hall of Fame induction.

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