Scott Torgerson Officially Let Go From 97.1 The Fan

by Bryan Z. on October 24, 2012 · 5 comments

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I wanted to follow up on the story that we shared with you yesterday regarding Columbus, Ohio radio talk show host Scott Torgerson. The good people over at are reporting that The Torg has been officially let go. Quoting the site, “Torgerson has definitely been fired from the station. We reported yesterday the station heads were trying to keep Torg on board due to the ratings he helped generate. However, they were unsuccessful due to the weight being thrown around by Herbie.” Pay careful attention to the end of that quote. The Torg couldn’t keep his job because Herbie went out of his way to make sure that didn’t happen. I have seen a lot of petty people do a lot of petty things in my day, but Herbie just took the cake. I am not going to rehash the entire story for you, Armando did a wonderful job giving you all the information yesterday. I will however, share my opinion of Kirk Herbstreit.


I have defended Herbie for years. I am not one of those Buckeye fans that walks around calling Herbie a fake Buckeye or gets upset every time he picks against the Buckeyes. For the most part his assessment of the Buckeyes, and the Big Ten in general, has been spot on. The Big Ten is an awful conference. Ohio State was slow, unathletic and unimaginative under Tressel. The Buckeyes did lack the necessary pieces to compete with the SEC. I take zero issue with Herbie speaking his mind, it’s what he’s paid to do. He doesn’t owe Ohio State a damn thing. He doesn’t need to pander to the Ohio State fan base, one of the most sensitive and delusional fan bases in the country. Herbie has a job to do and for the most part he does it pretty well.


My issues with Herbie, aka the biggest douche bag on the planet, is the fact that he walks around like the world owes him something. He walks around like our lives are better because he is on TV. He acts like he is curing cancer. Herbie, allow me to break it down for you. You talk about college football for a living. You work five months out of the year. You are not saving lives. You are not on some noble journey far greater than any of us mere mortals could possible understand. You’re an asshole. You saw an opportunity to pounce on The Torg and take your petty dislike for him out to the public. You saw an opportunity up root someone who has become more popular than you in the city you played college ball in. How could that be? How could a radio host from Minnesota become more liked than Ohio’s own son, than a former Buckeye quarterback himself? That’s an easy questions. You’re an asshole, and the Torg is not.

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Junior D October 24, 2012 at 3:29 pm

I wanted to add something to this as well. Mike Ricordati isn’t going anywhere. He is still on the air and he still needs your support. Mike is also a great guy and to stop listening would be a disservice to Mike. I will continue to listen to The Common Man because he has always been funny and he is always great to listen to. It’s unfortunate to hear that Torg was let go but don’t make Mike pay the price for someone else’s decision. Let ’em live!

nathan October 24, 2012 at 3:46 pm

truth is, without the two of them the show suffers greatly. whenever one is gone it is hard to listen. whenever they are together it is hard not to. i like mike but they need each other. i actually feel bad that mike has to work for a company that would just assume throw their employees under the bus rather than rightfully defend them when needed. punishment fine, but firing, give me a break. that’s not a place i would want to work. since everybody is being so hyper-sensitive these days than i might as well too. I’m extremely insulted as a listener that wbns would show so little disregard and respect for their listening audience!!! WHAT ABOUT US!!! anyway good luck to mike and hopefully he can grow a little back bone, stand up, walk out and be reunited with the torg on air somewhere else.

D.G. October 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm

It’s an over reaction from 97.1 for sure. Clearly Herbstriet’s name and status mean a lot more to the WBNS and the Wolfe family than Torgerson’s name does.

That said, it’s not a major loss. One need only listen to sports talk hosts in Cleveland and Cincinnati to realize most of 97.1’s talent is small market.

The afternoon drive show was amateurish and immature–like a couple of 15-year olds who had been spurned by the cool kids so they resort to making fun of them on the school’s radio station. They had(have) reasonable sports knowledge, but after a while the constant whining and “this guy sucks” or “he’s awful” or “he should get fired and die” routine wears thins with thinking adults. Don’t get me started with the “My Guy!” Awful!

Their ratings were good because there is no compelling local radio competition to give them a challenge. Put them in Cleveland against Hooley and they get crushed. Put them in Cincinnati against Tracy Jones and they get crushed.

Torg should crawl back home to Minnesota and pray a a job at a non-ESPN affiliate so Herbie can’t have him fired again.

BK October 25, 2012 at 1:00 am

For all intents and purposes, they were up against Hooley down in Columbus (he was fired from the same station after making early remarks(which turned out to be accurate) that Jim Tressel needed to be, and would be fired) and their show consistently beat his ratings. This, despite Hooley having Chris Spielman (a man beloved by the Columbus community) as a co-host.

dave October 25, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Apparently Herbie drive’s the ratings in sportstalk radio, columbus… Bad business move WBNS. A lot of money will be lost, for what? A Christmas party in nashville… The previous comment was spot on. The show without Scott or Mike is unbalanced. Wonder how big of a deal they get elsewhere… with local ratings and streaming numbers they would recieve here in columbus. Now that’s smart business. Only time will tell with WBNS’s lack of foresight.

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