Rules for Your Fantasy Football Draft

by Junior D on August 25, 2012 · 2 comments

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Some of you have already completed your draft by now, some of you are still looking forward to it. For those of you that are new to the fantasy football scene I will let you know about some of the unwritten rules of the draft. Some advice for the newbies…remember to stick to your guns while drafting and don’t let others distract you.

Every season, there is one or maybe even two people who break this first rule, last year I was one of those people. Don’t draft someone who has already been taken. If you’re not sure if that player has been drafted, LOOK AT THE BOARD! ¬†I am at a severe disadvantage in my league considering I draft over the phone because my league drafts 500 miles away from my present location. If you’re in the same boat then ask what round the player was drafted instead of “was this guy drafted yet?’ If you ask what round you will sound like less of a tool.

The next rule is don’t listen to the other owners in your league. In every draft there are always those guys that scream, “HE TORE HIS ACL,” after you make your pick. Don’t freak out, they’re just pissed that your drafted that guy before they did. Do some research the day before your draft. If you haven’t heard of an injury the day before or the day of the draft then he’s not hurt.

Here’s a really important rule that will help you look less like a tool…if you’re going to bring a binder, a ton of print outs and cheat sheets, for Christ’s sake, make sure you draft well. If you bring all that shit and draft a piss poor team, the other owners will never let you forget it. If there is WiFi at the draft then bring a laptop or tablet so you can look up info on certain players before you draft them. If you do bring a laptop don’t draft a guy that is actually hurt. You’ll look like an even bigger tool.

Pronounce the players names correctly when you draft as well. There’s nothing that makes you look more like an idiot than when you draft a guy and you don’t know his name. Remember the old commercials where the guy couldn’t pronounce T.J.¬†Houshmandzadeh’s name…yeah, don’t be that guy.

If you get drunk during the draft just make sure to keep up. Keep marking down who has been taken so that you’re ready to answer the bell when it’s gets to you.

That leads me to my next rule…come prepared. Don’t be the fuckin’ jerk that asks everyone for paper, a pen or whatever. That guy is a dick. If you walk in empty-handed and ask another owner for a draft sheet with all the players or if you can borrow any of their draft material that guy should knock you out. You might as well just pay your fee and leave. Let the other owners draft your shitty team.

The last rule is about the time limit. Every league has time limits on draft picks. Some leagues are strict about the time to pick each player, others just play it by ear. Either way, have an idea of who you want when it’s close to your pick. No one wants to sit around and wait for 10 minutes while you decide which #4 wide receiver you’re going to take. Don’t be a douche.

Well, that’s my list. If you have other written or unwritten rules for your league’s draft, let me know. I always love to hear about other leagues and how they are run.



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Howie August 27, 2012 at 10:28 am

LMAO! so right on all accounts. BTW – what the hell are the Phins doing – trading Vontae for a 2nd round pick next year? oof.

Junior D August 27, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Thanks! The fins are obviously building and stock piling for the future. All this trade says to me is that they have given up on this year’s team and want to build for the future. draft picks don’t help us this year and I guess they thought Davis wouldn’t help us either. Ireland is trying to distance himself from all of Parcells picks. No one trades a first round pick four years after they pick him. They cut those guys because they can’t play…obviously Vontae can still play, just not for the Dolphins.

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