Roger Goodell: Judge, Jury and Executioner

by Junior D on July 4, 2012 · 0 comments

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Roger Goodell is upholding players suspensions

Of course the NFL denies the appeals for the bounty suspensions. I’ve been trying to stay away from this story but it won’t go away!

Roger Goodell is the judge, jury and executioner of the NFL. He made the decision on the suspensions and he is also the person that makes the decisions on the appeals. Why would he overturn his own decision?

In a written statement provided by the NFL Players Association they noted, ”We reiterate our concerns about the lack of fair due process, lack of integrity of the investigation and lack of the jurisdictional authority to impose discipline under the collective bargaining agreement….’Moreover, the commissioner took actions during this process that rendered it impossible for him to be an impartial arbitrator.”


An impartial arbitrator is an understatement. Why would Goodell overturn his own decision? If he lessened his own punishments on the players it would look poorly on him and the NFL. The perception would be that Goodell and the NFL didn’t investigate this matter fully and made a quick, harsh decision against the players to make them an example for the rest of the league. Isn’t that exactly what happened?

The players involved will be taking this matter up the ladder to federal court. Jonathan Vilma, who was suspended for the entire 2012 season, has already filed two lawsuits in federal court. I’m sure Scott Fujita and Will Smith will follow

Favre, in recent interviews, said he wasn’t upset about the bounties

suit. Both Smith and Fujita were suspended for three games of the 2012 season.

This whole story has been a joke. I’m not saying that this story is completely false by any means. For anyone that has come out and said that they are surprised that this happened, they are naïve and/or completely sheltered.

Every professional sports team has bounties. Any job that pays employees has bounties. Have you ever been at work and there is a contest that rewards employees for more production for a certain day, week, or month? That’s a bounty program.

Any time you pay employees to do a job there will be a bounty program to increase production. It’s a fact of life. I know there are tapes with Coach Greg Williams telling everyone on the defensive side of the ball who is hurt and that they need to aim for those injuries. Tell me that doesn’t happen in any other locker room in any sport and I’ll tell you that you’re living in a dream world.

If coaches and players in professional sports don’t win, what happens? They lose their jobs. If players and coaches can find any edge to win a game they will use it, especially when there are millions of dollars at stake. Any time you get that much money and couple it with a win or lose your job scenario you will get some sort of bounty program.

This has been going on for years. The only reason current and former players don’t come out and talk about it is because there are unwritten rules about discussing such locker room topics. It’s a brotherhood that most people don’t and will never understand. It’s their own form of Omerta. They don’t speak of these things outside of the circle. Kind of like the mafia without all the killing.

In the end these rulings will most likely stay as they are. The NFL needs to put an appeals commission together that is separate from Roger Goodell. There does need to be due process. You can’t have one person that makes the judgment and hears the appeals on said judgment. That automatically makes that person and impartial arbitrator.

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