Reasons LeBron Should Get a Max Contract

by Junior D on July 3, 2014 · 0 comments

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With all of the talk about what LeBron James is going to do in the near future, I figured I would look into this a little bit. There are plenty of people banging on LeBron for wanting max money and leaving Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to take lower salaries to make everything work out in Miami. I’m not one of those people.

Here are the facts….LeBron has never been the highest paid player on any team he’s played for even though he IS the best player in the world. Yes, even in Cleveland he wasn’t the highest paid. Not only was he not the highest paid player on his team last season, he was only the ninth highest paid player in the league. Yes, the best player in the league was the ninth highest paid player.

LeBron has clearly shown time and time again that he is the cog that makes this whole thing work in Miami. Wade is getting older and hasn’t been playing to the level he has in the past. Chris Bosh has proven that he is not a “Max guy.” When he left Toronto he was a 20-12 guy because he was the only player in Toronto worth anything. Now? He’s maybe a 16-6 guy who isn’t worth the amount of money that he is requesting from the Heat.

The fact that Chris Bosh made as much as LeBron for the past four years is mind boggling to me. It’s not LeBron’s fault that the Heat couldn’t get quality players to fill out their roster. If you ask me, it’s Bosh’s fault. He is not worth anywhere near what LeBron has made.

Fans hear the word “max” and they automatically see red. That’s when all of the hate starts hitting sports talk shows and social media. I really don’t understand the ire toward LeBron in this situation. If you are the best employee at whatever company you work for wouldn’t you want to be paid that way? Wouldn’t you try to negotiate to be the highest paid person in your position? You’re damn right you would…and if you say you wouldn’t you’re a liar.

The reality is that LeBron will most likely sign a short term deal with the Heat (maybe a 1 year deal or a 2 year deal with an opt out). The “big three” will all be back in Miami for at least next season but if Bosh and Wade don’t come down on their asking prices then the Heat are back in the same situation that they were before all three opted out…they won’t have enough money to field the rest of a roster to help them win another title.

People banged on Jurgen Klinsmann when he said that, in America, teams pay for what the player has done and not what they are going to do. He was absolutely right and no one wants to admit it. That’s why the Heat can’t overspend for Wade and Bosh. They are both steadily declining and are not the players that they once were. LeBron, on the other hand, still has many years left and will continue to be the best player in the league and on this planet.

If anyone wants to complain about anything they should start with the owners who are paying mediocre players big time money. They are the ones that give players like Chris Bosh the idea that they are worth $18 million per year as free agents. I wouldn’t give Bosh a nickel over $9 million. People need to take a look at the big picture before taking shots at one man who is just asking for what any one of us would ask for in the same position.

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