Proof Of Aliens During March Madness

by Junior D on March 25, 2012 · 0 comments

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I am sitting here watching the Elite 8 matchup between Syracuse and Ohio State and maybe I haven’t been paying attention during March Madness but I noticed an Alien interviewing the coaches as they break for halftime.

What the hell happened to Leslie Visser?  She has been to the plastic surgeon one too many times.  I don’t know exactly what work she’s had done but she made me think that Men In Black was a documentary and not fiction.

Has everyone on television lost their mind?  The amount of plastic surgery on sports analysts is amazing.  They are there to tell us what’s going on and interview players and coaches…that’s it!  I don’t know when it became necessary for sports casters to “go Hollywood” but it is ridiculous.  I’m not trying to slam Leslie Visser at all.  She’s not the only one.  She’s just the only one I’ve seen in the past 20 minutes, and she looks like Joan Rivers.

Since I’m into giving advice during these posts, here’s a bit of advice for everyone thinking about getting plastic surgery…DON’T DO IT!  Let yourself grow old with grace. Hair dye, shaving, plucking, etc. is all fine but restrain yourself when it comes to going under the knife. By the way, when you fuck up your face with Botox and plastic surgery keep your old ass hands in your pockets…those wrinkles, veins and loose skin don’t go away.

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